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King, 1859 - Počet stran: 304

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Strana 281 - That viewing it we seem almost to obtain Our innocent sweet simple years again. This fond attachment to the well-known place, Whence first we started into life's long race, Maintains its hold with such unfailing sway, We feel it e'en in age, and at our latest day.
Strana 214 - Sir Joshua Reynolds, Sir, is the most invulnerable man I know ; the man with whom if you should quarrel, you will find the most difficulty how to abuse.
Strana 219 - It was a school for both sexes. I learned little there except to repeat by rote the first lesson of monosyllables ("God made man," "Let us love him,") by hearing it often repeated, without acquiring a letter. Whenever proof was made of my progress at home, I repeated these words with the most rapid fluency; but, on turning over a new leaf, I continued to repeat them, so that the narrow boundaries of my first year's accomplishments...
Strana 86 - Marquis, who for his good will got this reward. No man can express the dolour of him and his lady, nor yet the grief of the Viscount's own dear lady, when it came to her ears...
Strana 220 - By an accident which, it is said, occurred at the time of his birth, one of his feet was twisted out of its natural position, and this defect (chiefly from the contrivances employed to remedy it) was a source of much pain and inconvenience to him during his early years. The expedients used at this period to restore the limb to shape, were i adopted by the advice, and under the direction, of the celebrated John Hunter, with whom Dr. Livingstone of Aberdeen corresponded on the subject ; and his nurse,...
Strana 212 - Johnson, upon all occasions, expressed his approbation of enforcing instruction by means of the rod. "I would rather [said he] have the rod to be the general terror to all, to make them learn, than tell a child, if you do thus, or thus, you will be more esteemed than your brothers or sisters. The rod produces an effect which terminates in itself. A child is afraid of being whipped, and gets his task, and there's an end on't; whereas, by exciting emulation and comparisons of superiority, you lay the...
Strana 86 - Marquis, backed in a white plaid, and riding on a small nag, having a boy leading her horse, without any more in her company, in this pitiful manner she came weeping and mourning to the Bog, desiring entry to speak with my lord ; but this was refused ; so she returned back to her own house, the same gate she came, comfortless.
Strana 85 - Pitcaple by the way. Aboyn took his leave from the laird, but upon no condition he and his lady would not suffer him to go, nor none that was with him that night, but earnestly urged him (though against his will), to bide. They were well entertained, supped merrily, and went to bed joyfully. The viscount was laid in an bed in the Old Tower going off the hall, and standing upon a vault, wherein there was an round hole, devised of old, just under Aboyn's bed.
Strana 86 - Rothiemay's chamber and wakened him to rise ; and as he is wakening him, the timber passage and lofting of the chamber hastily takes fire, so that none of them could win down stairs again ; so they turned to a window looking to the close, where they piteously cried many times. Help, help ! for God's cause!
Strana 220 - Grammar, and continued till I went to the 'Grammar School' (Scotice, 'Schule;' Aberdonice, 'Squeel'), where I threaded all the classes to the fourth, when I was recalled to England (where I had been hatched) by the demise of my uncle.

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