The Diamond and the Pearl: A Novel, Svazek 1

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Strana 211 - I glory More in the cunning purchase of my wealth, Than in the glad possession, since I gain No common way ; I use no trade, no venture ; I wound no earth with plough-shares, fat no beasts, To feed the shambles ; have no mills for iron, Oil, corn, or men, to grind them into powder : I blow no subtle glass, expose no ships To threat'nings of the furrow-faced sea ; I turn no monies in the public bank, Nor usure private.
Strana 51 - I sincerely love the youth who hath espoused me ; I love him with the fondest, the most solicitous affection ; I pray to the Almighty for his goodness and happiness, and do forget at times, unworthy supplicant ! the prayers I should have offered for myself.
Strana 98 - As never yet to love, or to be lov'd. She, while her Lover pants upon her breast, Can mark the figures on an Indian chest; And when she sees her Friend in deep despair, Observes how much...
Strana 277 - But as a dog that turns the spit Bestirs himself, and plies his feet To climb the wheel, but all in vain, His own weight brings him down again: And still he's in the self-same place Where at his setting out he was...
Strana 19 - ... privacies, and keep all others out of his, which is as great an odds as it is to discover what cards those he plays with have in their hands, and permit them to know nothing of his. And therefore he never speaks his own sense, but that which he finds comes nearest to the meaning of those he converses with, as birds are drawn into nets by pipes that counterfeit their own voices. By this means he possesses men, like the devil, by...
Strana 37 - Pray, let's hear it. Ant. Say a man never marry, nor have children, What takes that from him ? only the bare name Of being a father, or the weak...
Strana 114 - Tis all the better. It is my nature to abhor in others That lightness which doth please me in myself. I love not mine own parallel. The old giants, Who stood as tall as trees, lov'd little women, Or there's no truth in fable. Thus do I : I love a sober face, a modest eye, A step demure, a mien as grave as virtue.
Strana 65 - Il n'ya point de perte que l'on sente si vivement, et si peu de temps, que celle d'une femme aimée.
Strana 26 - Lord what ?" — cried the old banker, aghast. " The Earl of Glastonbury,— the representative of one of the most ancient houses in the kingdom." "And she has actually accepted you?" demanded Sir Jeremiah, having scarcely yet recovered breath for the question. " Lady Emily has not only accepted me, but her father has granted his consent to our union,

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