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Fortieth Annual Meeting



May 30 and 31


Published by the Free Religious Association



Was organized in 1867. Though having its headquarters in Boston, it is a national organization, and has members and officers in various States of the Union. It has the following


I. This organization shall be called the Free Religious Association.

II. The objects of this Association are to encourage the scientific study of religion and ethics, to advocate freedom in religion, to increase fellowship in spirit, to emphasize the supremacy of practical morality in all the relations of life, and to encourage the organization of local Societies or Free Churches on the basis of Free, Spiritual, and Universal Religion. All persons sympathizing with these aims are cordially invited to membership.

III. Membership in this Association shall leave each individual responsible for his own opinions alone, and affect in no degree his relations to other associations; and nothing in the name or Constitution of the Association shall ever be construed as limiting membership by any test of speculative opinion or belief,- or as defining the position of the Association, collectively considered, with reference to any such opinion or belief, - or as interfering, in any other way, with that absolute freedom of thought and expression which is the natural right of every rational being. Any person desiring to co-operate with the Association shall be considered a member, with full right to speak in its meetings; but an annual contribution of one dollar shall be necessary to give him a title to vote, - provided, also, that those thus entitled may at any time confer the privilege of voting upon the whole assembly, on questions not pertaining to the management of business.

IV. The officers of the Association shall be a President, twelve Vice-Presidents, a Secretary, an Assistant-Secretary, a Treasurer, and twelve Directors. They shall be chosen by ballot at the annual meeting of the Association; and the President, Vice-Presidents, Secretaries and Treasurer shall hold their offices for one year, or until their successors be chosen. The Directors shall be chosen for four years, and, at the expiration of that term, shall not be eligible for re-election until after two years. One-fourth of their number shall be chosen annually; but at the annual meeting of 1882, the full number of twelve shall be chosen in sections of three, respectively, for one, two, three and four years. The President, Secretary, Treasurer and Directors shall together constitute an Executive Committee, intrusted with all the business and interests of the Association in the interim of its meetings. They shall have power to fill any vacancies that may occur in their number, or in the list of Vice-Presidents, between any two annual meetings. Six members of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum.

V. The Annual Meeting of the Association shall be held in the city of Boston on Thursday of what is known as "Anniversary Week," at such place and with such sessions as the Executive Committee may appoint, of which at least one month's previous notice shall be publicly given. Other meetings and conventions may be called by the Committee, according to their judgment, at such times and places as may seem to them desirable.

VI. These Articles may be amended at any Annual Meeting of the Association by a majority vote of the members present, providing public notice of the amendment has been given with the call for the meeting.

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