The Conqueror and His Companions, Svazek 1

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Tinsley brothers, 1874 - Počet stran: 304
Personal and domestic history of William the Conqueror, &c.

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Strana 158 - I have related, receiving the fatal arrow from a distance, he yielded to death. One of the soldiers with a sword gashed his thigh, as he lay prostrate ; for which shameful and cowardly action, he was branded with ignominy by William, and dismissed the service.
Strana 170 - Series his Descriptive Catalogue of Materials relating to the History of Great Britain and Ireland to the end of the reign of Henry VII.
Strana 65 - Notwithstanding, the wealthiest of them mounted their horses and departed in haste to secure their property. But the inferior attendants, observing that their masters had disappeared, laid hands on the arms, the plate, the robes, the linen, and all the royal furniture, and leaving the corpse almost naked on the floor of the house hastened away.
Strana 144 - It is reported that this Earl William did violently detain certain lands from the monks of Ely ; for which, being often admonished by the abbot, and not making restitution, he died miserably. And, though his death happened very far off the isle of Ely, the same night he died, the abbot lying quietly in his bed, and meditating on heavenly things, heard the soul of this earl, in its carriage away by the devil, cry out loudly, and with a known and distinct voice, Lord have mercy on me : Lord have mercy...
Strana 5 - We find but few historians of all ages, who have been diligent enough in their search for truth: it is their common method to take on trust what they distribute to the public ; by which means a falsehood once received from a famed writer becomes traditional to posterity.
Strana 157 - The deeds of the four are enumerated, but we know not how to apportion them among the actors. One thrust pierced through the shield of the dying King and stabbed him in the breast; another assailant finished the work by striking off his head with his sword. But even this vengeance was not enough. A third pierced the dead body...
Strana 112 - King all black and naked, and wounded through the midst of his breast. And adjuring the goat by the Holy Trinity to tell what that was he so carried, he answered, ' I am carrying your King to judgment, yea, that Tyrant William Rufus ; for I am an evil spirit and the revenger of his malice, which he bore to the Church of God ; and it was I that did cause this his slaughter ; the Protomartyr of England, S.
Strana 243 - There is no other such knight under heaven ! A fair count he is, and a fair king he will be. Let him fight, and he will overcome ; and shame be to him who shall fail him !"3 The Normans were drawn up in three bodies.
Strana 165 - You should lodge elsewhere, guarded by one or two thousand men whom you can best trust. Let a careful watch be set this night, for we know not what snares may be laid for us. You have made a noble day of it, but I like to see the end of the work.
Strana 181 - Ameri shall attack on the other side ; they shall lead the Poitevins and the Bretons, and all the barons of Maine ; and I, with my own great men, my friends and kindred, will fight in the middle throng, where the battle shall be the hottest.

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