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Printed at the Republican office, 1874

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Strana cxxvii - or walk," what inflections? Describe the circumflex and monotone. 19. Write a synonym for each of the following words: Monarch, idea, converted, subtle, scanty. 20. Copy, correct, and punctuate the following, placing capital letters where they ought to be (twenty errors) : " truth crushed to earth shall rise Again the eternal years of god Are her's but error wounded Writhes with pain and Dies Among her worshippers
Strana xxvi - by any creed, church or sectarian denomination whatever ; nor shall any grant or donation of personal property or real estate ever be made by [any] State, county, city, town, or such public corporation, for any creed, church or sectarian purpose whatever.
Strana xxxi - RULES FOR THE GOVERNMENT OF THE BOARD OF PRESIDENT AND DIRECTORS OF THE ST. LOUIS PUBLIC SCHOOLS. SESSIONS OF THE BOARD AND RULES OF ORDER. RULE 1. The stated sessions of the Board shall be held at the office of the Corporation, on the second Tuesday in each and every month, commencing at eight o'clock
Strana xvii - force from and after its passage. Approved December 19, 1865. AN ACT Concerning the election of Directors of the Board of President and Directors of the St. Louis Public Schools. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Stale of Missouri, as follows : SECTION 1.
Strana viii - requirements of the eighth section of the act referred to in the second section of this act. SEC. 5. If any Director or officer of this corporation shall violate any of the provisions of this act, and of the act to which this is amendatory and supplementary, approved February 13th,
Strana 44 - you do not rise early, you can make progress in nothing. If you do not set apart your hours of reading, if you suffer yourself or any one else to break in upon them, your days will slip through your hands unprofitable and frivolous, and unenjoyed by yourself.
Strana 151 - there will be more newspapers and periodicals printed in the United States than in all the rest of the world combined. Indeed, the American Newspaper Directory of 1872 gives the aggregate number of periodical publications in this country at
Strana xxxii - RULE 10. The President shall decide all questions of order, subject to an appeal to the Board by any member. In case of appeal, the question shall be : Shall the decision of the Chair be sustained? and, until it is decided, all debate upon the pending question shall be suspended. RULE 11. The reconsideration of a vote may be moved at the same
Strana 45 - To-morrow? It is a period nowhere to be found In all the hoary registers of Time,— Unless perchance in the fool's calendar. Wisdom disclaims the word, nor holds society With those who own it. No, my dear Horatio, 'Tis Fancy's child, and Folly is its father ; Wrought of such stuff as dreams are ; and as baseless As the fantastic visions of the evening.
Strana 44 - It was on Friday morning, the 12th of October, 1492, that Columbus first beheld the New World. As the day dawned, he saw before him a level island, several leagues in extent, and covered with trees like a continual orchard. Though apparently uncultivated, it was populous, for the inhabitants were seen issuing from all parts of the woods, and running to the shore.

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