Memoirs of Remarkable Misers, Svazek 1

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Strana 245 - I give and I devise" (old Euclio said, And sigh'd) " my lands and tenements to Ned." Your money, Sir? "My money, Sir! what all? Why, — if I must — (then wept) I give it Paul.
Strana 236 - Such are thy beauties and our loves! Dear saint. Riches, the dumb god, that giv'st all men tongues, That can'st do nought, and yet mak'st men do all things; The price of souls; even hell, with thee to boot, Is made worth heaven.
Strana 57 - Foscue went into his cave, the door by some accident shut after him, and being out of the call of any person, he perished for want of food. He had...
Strana 85 - His stockings were washed and mended by himself, and some of them had scarcely a vestige of the original worsted. He had a great store of new shirts, which had never been worn, but for many years his stock became reduced to one in use ; his parsimony would not permit him to have this washed more than once in two or three months, for which he reluctantly paid a poor woman fourpence.
Strana 298 - Ten in the hundred lies here engraved, 'Tis a hundred to ten his soul is not saved ! If any man ask, ' Who lies in this tomb ?' ' Oh, oh !' quoth the devil,
Strana 83 - The brim of his hat had, on one side, (by much handling,) been worn off quite to the crown, but on coming one day from the hamlet of Upton across the fields, he luckily met with an old left-off hat, stuck up for a scarecrow. He immediately secured the prize, and with some...
Strana 4 - Holy Father, say, As life seems parting from this sinful clay, What can preserve me from the jaws of Death ? ' ' A sacrifice, dear son — good joints of meat, Of lamb and mutton, for the priest and poor ; Nay, from the Koran should'st thou lines repeat, Those lines may possibly thy health restore.
Strana 302 - Why should I waste my money, in wickedly endeavouring to counteract the will of Providence ? If the old girl's time is come, the nostrums of all the quacks in Christendom cannot save her; and she may as well die now as at any future period.
Strana 51 - Frequently would he be heard at midnight, as if struggling with some one in his chamber, and crying out, " I will keep my money — I will — nobody shall rob me of my property...
Strana 33 - ... for, he recovered enough to say — ' That he had, he believed, been ill for two or three days, and that there was an old woman in the house, but for some reason or other she had not been near him. That she had been ill herself, but that she had got well, he supposed, and gone away.

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