The Works of Monsieur Boileau, Svazek 1

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E. Sanger at the Post-House, and E. Curil at the Dial and Bible, both in Fleet- Street, 1712

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Strana 322 - O'er my dim eyes a darkness hung ; My ears with hollow murmurs rung. In dewy damps my limbs were chill'd ; My blood with gentle horrors thrill'd ; My feeble pulse forgot to play ; I fainted, sunk, and died away.
Strana 102 - A hero never fail'd them on the stage, Without his point a lover durst not rage ; The amorous shepherds took more care to prove True to his point, than faithful to their love. Each word, like Janus, had a double face ; And...
Strana 87 - He cannot write who knows not to give o'er; To mend one fault, he makes a hundred more ; A...
Strana 89 - Choose a just style. Be grave without constraint, Great without pride, and lovely without paint. Write what your reader may be pleased to hear, And for the measure have a careful ear ; On easy numbers fix your happy choice ; Of jarring sounds avoid the odious noise ; The fullest verse, and the most labored sense, Displease us if the ear once take offence.
Strana 86 - And when to conquer her you bend your force, The mind will triumph in the noble course. To reason's yoke she quickly will incline, Which, far from hurting, renders her divine; But if neglected, will as easily stray, And master reason, which she should obey. Love reason then; and let whate'er you write Borrow from her its beauty, force, and light.
Strana 130 - Tis he will tell you, to what noble height A generous muse may sometimes take her flight; When too much fetter'd with the rules of art, May from her...
Strana 121 - Each syllable is tending to the event. Let his example your endeavours raise ; To love his writings is a kind of praise. A poem, where we all perfections find, Is not the work of a fantastic mind ; There must be care, and time, and skill, and pains; Not the first heat of inexperienced brains.
Strana 322 - TDLESS'D as th' immortal gods is he, -*-' The youth who fondly fits by thee, And hears and fees thee all the while, Softly fpeak and fweetly fmile. 'Twas this...
Strana 90 - Made following authors take lefs liberty. Waller came laft, but was the firft whofe art Juft weight and meafure did to verfe impart ; „ That of a well-plac'd word could teach the force, And...
Strana 107 - Or falls asleep, or censures all you write. The secret is, attention first to gain ; To move our minds, and then to entertain ; That from the very opening of the scenes, The first may show us what the author means. I'm tired to see an actor on the stage, That knows not whether he's to laugh or rage ; Who, an intrigue unravelling in vain, Instead of pleasing, keeps my mind in pain.

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