Metaphors Dictionary

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Visible Ink Press, 2001 - Počet stran: 672
The most expansive and comprehensive collection of colorful classic and contemporary comparative phrases available anywhere!

The Metaphors Dictionary is an indispensable book for any lover of language! 6,500 metaphors are organized under 500 timeless and timely themes, ranging from Aloneness to Love to Zeal. Looking for a particular metaphor from Shakespeare? More than 800 are topically integrated throughout the text and are also captured in a separate section aptly titled "Metaphors from Shakespeare."

From Maya Angelou to Émile Zola, this massive tome covers 3,000 years of compelling and enchanting language from the world's greatest and most respected names in the annals of cultural literacy and current media sources. And, it includes full annotations and a complete bibliography of sources! Whether you are writing a blog post, school paper, or a novel, you'll benefit from the great minds that provide you with a wealth of metaphors to describe human emotions, deep thoughts, and complex ideas.

Quickly accessed via the author and subject indexes as well as the table of thematic categories, Metaphors Dictionary is an intoxicating stew of expert wordplay. A masterful metaphor, like a picture, is worth a thousand words, making this an essential resource for any writer or student of language.

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