Epitome of Upton's Military Policy of the United States

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Strana 8 - Regular troops alone are equal to the exigencies of modern war, as well for defense as offense, and whenever a substitute is attempted it must prove illusory and ruinous.
Strana 17 - I give it as my fixed opinion that but for our graduated cadets the war between the United States and Mexico might and probably would have lasted four or five years with, in its first half, more defeats than victories falling to our share ; whereas in less than two campaigns, we conquered a great country and a peace without the loss of a single battle or skirmish.
Strana 7 - The jealousy of a standing army, and the evils to be apprehended from one, are remote, and, in my judgment, situated and circumstanced as we are, not at all to be dreaded ; but the consequence of wanting one, according to my ideas formed from the present view of things, is certain and inevitable ruin.
Strana 10 - That when a nation at war relies upon a system of regulars and volunteers, or regulars and militia, the men, in the absence of compulsion, or very strong inducements, will invariably enlist in the organizations most lax in discipline.
Strana 7 - For, if I was called upon to declare upon oath, whether the militia have been most serviceable or hurtful upon the whole, I should subscribe to the latter.
Strana 14 - Our victory has been decisive. A small force has overcome immense odds of the best troops that Mexico can furnish — veteran regiments perfectly equipped and appointed. Eight pieces of artillery, several colors and standards, a great number of prisoners, including fourteen officers, and a large amount of baggage and public property have fallen into our hands.
Strana 15 - Fearing exposure to the yellow fever, and beginning to look forward io their discharge six weeks before the expiration of their term of enlistment, General Scott, on the 4th of May, parted with seven of his eleven regiments of volunteers, numbering in the aggregate 4,000 men. Thus reduced by discharge, by expiration of service, and by disease to 5,820° effective men, our army, which had advanced to Puebla, within three days...
Strana 6 - Without pausing to discover the secret of the defense of Bunker Hill, the mistaken conviction seized the public mind that the militia were invincible and that patriotism was the sole qualification for a soldier's calling — a fallacy which paralyzed the military legislation of the Revolution and constantly jeopardized our liberties by inducing the political leaders of the time to rely too confidently upon raw and undisciplined levies.
Strana 4 - Intrusion of the states in military affairs and the consequent waging of all our wars on the theory that we are a confederacy instead of a nation. Fifth. Confusing volunteers with militia and surrendering to the states the right to commission officers of volunteers the same as officers of militia. Sixth. The bounty — a national consequence of voluntary enlistments. Seventh. The failure to appreciate military education, and to distribute trained officers as battalion, regimental, and higher commanders...
Strana 3 - ... Constitution, to rest with the States, following such mode of selection as they prefer, the officers of the volunteer forces of the United States shall hold their commissions from the President, who is to command them during the war for which they are called out, and shall look to their Commander,in,Chief for the promotion which should reward their good conduct, as well as for such discipline as they may merit; and that an adequate system shall be provided for the selection of such officers and...

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