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knowledgment which is paid You by Your Country.

THE Consideration of this Part of Your Charaeter, is that which hinders me from enlarging on those Extraordinary Talents, which have given You so great a Figure in the British Senate, as well as on that Elegance and Politeness which appear in Your more retired Conversation. I should be un

pardonable, pardonable, if, after what I have said, I should longer detain You with an Address of this Nature: I cannot, however, conclude it without owning those great Obligations which You have laid upon,


Your moft Obedient,

Humble Şervant,

The Spectator.





N° 75. Saturday, May 26, 1711.

Omnis Aristippum decuit color & ftatus, & res.


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T was with some Mortification that I suffered the Rallery of a Fine Lady of Acquaintance, for calling, in

one of my Papers, Dorimant a Clown. She was so unmerciful as to take Advantage of my invincible Taciturnity, and on that occasion, with great Freedom to consider the Air, the Height, the Face, the Gesture of him who could pretend to judge so arrogant



ly of Gallantry. She is full of Motion, Janty and lively in her Impertinence, and one of those that commonly pass, among the Ignorant, for Persons who have a great deal of Humour. She had the Play of Sir Fopling in her Hand, and after she had said it was happy for her there was not so charming a Creature as Dorimant now living, the began with a Theatrical Air and Tone of Voice to read, by way of Triumph over me, some of his Speeches. 'Tis Joe, that lovely Hair, that easie Shape, those wanton Eyes, and all those melting Charms about her. Mouth, which Medley spoke of; I'll follow the Lottery, and put in for a Prize with my Friend Bellair.

In Love the Vi&tors from the Vanquish'd fly; They fly that wound, and they pursue that dye. Then turning over the Leaves, the reads alternately, and speaks,

And you and Loveit to her Coft fall find

I fathom all the Depths of Womankind. Oh the fine Gentleman! But here, continues fhe, is the Passage I admire moít, where he begins to teaze Loveit, and

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