Navigating the Maze of Nursing Research 2e: An Interactive Learning Adventure

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Elsevier Australia, 2008 - Počet stran: 294
An introductory level text for the Australian and New Zealand market, Navigating the Maze of Nursing Research 2e is simple, lucid and down to earth. There are many higher order research texts for health related disciplines but none other specifically aimed at the beginning student who has a limited understanding of what nursing is, let alone research. Navigating the Maze of Nursing Research 2e is interactive and fun to use - not a OCyheavy' text, but brimming with up-to-date ideas and practical hints. The text promotes nurses as OCyknowledge workers', life long learners able to access and broker pertinent information efficiently and effectively. Geared more towards nurses as users of research rather than doers, the text is nevertheless steeped in the premise that nurses do conduct research and lots of it, and that evidence-based practice underpins success. Organised in three sections that address what is nursing knowledge, how is research conducted, and how it is applied in practice, this 2nd edition features contributions from prominent nurse academics with vast research experience. Cornerstone chapters such as OCyGetting the most out of the library' and OCySurfing the internet' are retained and revised, and important new chapters include OCyMixed methods research' and OCyWhat the future holds for nursing research'. Student challenges and information about differing agencies and web site addresses are updated, and the Evolve website expanded to accommodate student activities, test banks and quizzes on the one interactive facility.Updated information about agencies, web site addresses and student challenges.Increased focus on Australian and New Zealand examples, highlighting the work of local nursing scholars.OCyTips for International Students' integrated throughout.OCyDid you know' question at the beginning of each chapter encourages quizzical and critical thinking.Extensive pedagogy facilitates readability and includes learning objectives, student quotes, key terms chapter abstracts, Evolve icons, resource kits and references in each chapter.
Australian adaptation of Langford: Navigating the Maze of Nursing Research"

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