New Ideas about Old Age Security: Toward Sustainable Pension Systems in the 21st Century

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World Bank, 2001 - Počet stran: 493
Printed on Demand. Limited stock is held for this title. If you would like to order 30 copies or more please contact Contact, if currently unavailable. Policymakers worldwide are struggling to adapt their pension systems to the reality of aging populations, globalization, and tightening budgets. The World Bank actively supports these policymakers by helping them to identify the economic and demographic challenges facing them to highlighting potential policy responses and providing implementation support. New Ideas about Old Age Security is a selection of papers presented at a conference in September 1999 convened by the World Bank and attended by leading academics and policymakers from around the world. These papers, which have subsequently been revised, contain a sample of the most recent thinking in the global debate over pension reform. The papers in this volume explore a wide variety of pension reform issues. Some of the topics covered in this book include new approaches to multi-pillar pension reform, the relevance of index funds for pension investment in equities, and managing public pension reserves.

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Sector Allocations of Economically Active Figure 13
Ten Myths about Social Security
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Joseph Stiglitz is professor of economics at Columbia University.

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