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AGERING Difputants expofed, N. 145. White (Moll.) a notorious Witch, N. 117.. Widow (the) her Manner of captivating Sir Roger de Coverley, N. 113. Her Behaviour at the Trial of her Caufe, ibid. Her Artifices and Beauty, ibid. Too desperate a Scholar for a Country Gentleman, ibid. Her Reception of Sir Roger, ibid. whom the helped to fome Tanzy in the Eye of all the Country, ibid. She has been the Death of feveral Foxes, 115. Sir Roger's Opinion of her that fhe either defigns to marry, or fhe does not, 118.

William and Betty, a fhort Account of their Amours,

N. 118.

Wimble (Will.) his Letter to Sir Roger de Coverley, N. 108. His Character, ibid. His Converfation with the Spectator, ibid. a Man of Ceremony, 119. thinks the Spectator a Fanatick, 126. and fears he has killed a Man, 131.

Wine not proper to be drunk by every one that can

fwallow, N. 140.

Women, the English excel all other Nations in Beauty, N. 81. Signs of their Improvement under the Spectator's Hand, 92. The real Commendation of a Woman, what, 104 and 95. Their Pains in all Ages to adorn the Outfide of their Heads, 98. More gay in their Nature than Men, 128. Not pleased with Modefty in Men, 154. Their Ambition, 156. Woman's Man defcribed, N. 156. His neceffary Qualifications, ibid.

World, the prefent, a Nursery for the next, N. 1II.,

The End of the Second Volume.

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