The Treaty of Greenville: Being an Official Account of the Same, Together with the Expeditions of Gen. Arthur St. Clair and Gen. Anthony Wayne Against the Northwestern Indian Tribes, and an Historical Sketch of the Territory Northwest of the Ohio River, Previous Thereto

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Correspondent Press, 1894 - Počet stran: 103

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Strana 94 - States relinquish their claims to all other Indian lands northward of the river Ohio, eastward of the Mississippi, and westward and southward of the Great Lakes and the waters uniting them, according to the boundary line agreed on by the United States and the King of Great Britain, in the treaty of peace made between them in the year 1783.
Strana 70 - Au Glaize — appear like one continued village for a number of miles, both above and below this place; nor have I ever before beheld such immense fields of corn in any part of America, from Canada to Florida.
Strana 74 - I soon discovered, from the weight of the fire and extent of their lines, that the enemy were in full force in front, in possession of their favorite ground, and endeavoring to turn our left flank. I therefore gave orders for the second line to advance to support the first, and directed Major General Scott to gain and turn the right flank of the savages, with the whole of the mounted volunteers, by a circuitous route.
Strana 91 - And in consideration of the peace now established ; of the goods formerly received from the United States ; of those now to be delivered ; and of the yearly delivery of goods now stipulated to be made hereafter ; and to indemnify the United States for the injuries and expenses they have sustained during the war...
Strana 94 - Illinois, and down the Illinois river to the Mississippi, also from Fort Wayne along the portage aforesaid which leads to the Wabash, and then down the Wabash to the Ohio.
Strana 42 - Yesterday afternoon the remains of the army under my command got back to this place, and I have now the painful task to give an account of a warm, and as unfortunate an action as almost any that has been fought, in which every corps was engaged and worsted, except the First regiment, that had been detached upon a service I had the honor to inform you of in my last despatch, and had not joined me.
Strana 73 - Price, who was directed to keep sufficiently advanced, so as to give timely notice for the troops to form in case of action, it being yet undetermined whether the Indians would decide for
Strana 91 - And for the same considerations, and as an evidence of the returning friendship of the said Indian tribes, of their confidence in the United States, and desire to provide for their accommodations, and for that convenient intercourse which will be beneficial to both parties...
Strana 47 - ... certain, sir, whether I ought to consider the absence of this regiment from the field of action, as fortunate or otherwise. I incline to think it was fortunate: for, I very much doubt whether, had it been in the action, the fortune of the day had been turned; and, if it had not, the triumph of the enemy would have been more complete, and the country would have been destitute of every means of defence.

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