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1 SC

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Norway; independence of, 310, 448, 520; re--
ligious movements in, 574; new king of, 654.
Nuttall, Archbishop, on liturgical vestments,
Northwest Passage, discovery of, by Captain.
Amundsen, 997.

Old Catholic Slavs, organization of, 575.
Opium, report of committee on, 654, 696.
Oxford University; Encaenia, 194; commence-
ment sermon, 196; lectures for clergy, 192.
Pacific Churchman, The, on the honesty of
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Pan-Anglican conference of 1908, 656, 752.
Panama Canal; resignation of Mr. Wallace, 56;
Mr. Shont's report, 309; Panama and Costa
Rica, 481; sanitation report, 573; sea level
canal, 838; sanitation at, 954; congress and,.

Parker, E. M., sketch of life of, 893.
Parliament, British; church legislation in, 192,
313, 483; Mr. Balfour and, 892.
Pennsylvania, banking scandals in, 654.
Percival, Bp., on the ritual, 895.
Philadelphia, fight for municipal reform in, 189,.
749, 788.


Fhilamore, Sir Walter, on church problems, 277.

Philippines; our educational mission in, 242;

Red Cross in, 576; congress and, 612; pur-

chase of friars' land in, 612; Rome and,

698; conditions in, 748; Mr. Brownell on

America in, 997.

Physicians, opportunities of, for Christian ser-

vice, 949.

Pius, Pope, on R. C. Church in America, 999.

Polish R. C. Question, Mgr. Symon on, 381.

Political Independence Dinner, speeches at, 946.

Popular Preachers, "The guardian" оп, 753.

Population, increase of, 523.

Porto Rico, America in, 656.

Portsmouth, N. H., Thanksgiving service at,

Potter, Bp. H. C.; on immigration, 273; on
"What God Hath (not) joined," 655.
Prayer, Dr. T. B. Hyslop on, 450.
Prayer Book, English, Transfiguration in the,

Presbyterians; missionary policies of, 91; pro-

posed book of common prayer, 383.

Public Baths, maladministration of, 998.

Radium, Mr. Burke's experiments with, 245.

Railroad passes, abolishment of, by Penn. R. R.,

Railroad rates and rebates; Atcheson case, 8;

Beef rebate conspiracy, 480; Prof. Ripley

on, 572; Mr. Spencer on, 612; Pres. Roose-

velt's policy regarding, 653; Senator Knox

on, 749; prospects of legislation regarding,

892; new bill of Interstate Commerce Com-

mission, 946.

Raines' Law Hotels, fight against, 56, 613.

Rainsford, Dr. W. S., a letter from, 792.

Reciprocity convention at Chicago, 340.

Religious teaching in Public Schools; Jewish

attitude towards, 91; in England, 92, 795,
951, 1000; R. C. "Pilot" on, 998.


Revised version,_10.

Revivals; at St. Paul, 698; at Minneapolis, 793;
in Elizabeth, N. J., 948, 999.

Richfield Springs conferences; woman's, 192,

243, 275, 312; Sunday school, 342; close

of, 381.

Riverside Bible Conference, 275.

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523, 576, 616, 699, 841; value of cere-

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Roosevelt, President; sermon of, at Oyster Bay,

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Orieans, 695; Thanksgiving proclamation of,

853; message of, to congress, 952.

Root, Elihu, appointment of, as Sec'y of State,


Rospigliosi Case, The, 91.

Russia; massacre at Lodz, 8; removal of Alexis
and Alexieff, 8; naval mutinies, 56, 88; in-
ternal situation, 89, 120; national assembly,
240, 309; arrest of Prof. Milyoukov, 341;
church and revolution, 381; disorders in
Caucasus, 412, 448; czar and the Hague
conference, 480; zemstvo congress, 520; re-
newed strikes and disorders, 654; constitu-
tion, 695; reactionaries and reform, 749;
church and Jews, 749; resignation of
Pobiedonostieff, 749; massacre of Jews, 789;
prospects of reform, 789; American church-
men and Russian Jews, 790; correspondence
between English and Russian church, 794,
841; political anarchy, 838; Poland and
Finland, 838; Witte and the Zemstvo, 892;
anarchy in, 947; financial situation, 996;
peasant disorders in, 1035; strikes and mu-
tiny, 1071.

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[blocks in formation]

Because their pocketbooks are hurt, they would drive the people back to the old coffee slavery.

One coffee prevaricator says: "It (Postum) has lately been exposed and found to contain an excess of very ordinary coffee."

Another that "it (Postum) is made from a small amount of parched peas, beans, wheat, dried sweet potatoes, and paste of wheat middlings."

Here's to you, oh, faithful followers of the tribe of Ananias.

$100,000.00 CASH will be deposited with any reputable trust company (or a less amount if desired) against a like amount by any coffee roaster or dealer. If the charges prove true, we lose; if not, we take the money as partial liquidation for the infamous insult to our business.

The Postum Pure Food factories are the largest in the world, the business having been built upon absolutely pure food products, made on scientific lines, "for a reason" and the plain unvarn

ished truth told every day and all the time. These factories are visited by thousands of people every month. They are shown into every cranny and examine every ingredient and process. Each visitor sees Postum made of different parts of the wheat berry treated by different mechanical methods, and one part blended with a small part of pure New Orleans molasses. So he knows Postum contains not one thing in the world, but Wheat and New Orleans molasses. It took more than a year of experimenting to perfect the processes and learn how to develop the diastase and properly treat the other elements in the wheat to produce the coffee-like flavor that makes suspicious people "wonder.' But there never has been one grain of old-fashioned or drug coffee in Postum and never will be.

Another thing, we have on file in our general offices the original of every testimonial letter we have ever published. We submit that our attitude regarding coffee is now and always has been absolutely fair. If one wants a stimulant and can digest coffee and it does not set up any sort of physical ailment, drink it. But, if coffee overtaxes and weakens the heart (and it does with some).

Or if it sets up disease of the stomach and bowels (and it does with some).

Or if it causes weak eyes (and it does with some).

Or if it causes nervous prostration (and it does with many).

Then good, plain, old-fashioned common sense might (without asking permission of coffee merchants) suggest to

quit putting caffeine (the drug of coffee) into a highly organized human body, for health is really wealth and the happiest sort of wealth.


Then, if one's own best interest urges him to study into the and "There's a reason," he will unearth

great big facts that all of the sophistries of the coffee importers and roasters cannot refute. Take time to read the following from the famous Dr. B. F. Underwood in The American Physician:

coffee one morning that was fully up to her ideal, and which, although I noticed that it possessed nearly the strength of Samson, I drank without consideration.

I had been feeling rather better than usual for a day or two, but soon after breakfast I was attacked with such peculiar sensations that I was unable to go a colleague for treatment. Singularly enough, although I had the feeling that I was under the influence of some drug, it was not until some time afterward that I realized that I had been poisoned by the coffee. Under strong tonic treatment I grew better for a time, but in

out, and was obliged to call upon

Coffee as a Factor in the Production of December, 1903, I began to grow worse Gastric and Cardiac Disorders.


The pathogenetic properties of coffee have received but scant attention from medical authors, although it is not doubtful, I think, that, more than any other single substance, coffee is responsible for the great prevalence of nervous, gastric, and cardiac diseases at the present time, and that the great increase in sudden deaths from heart affection in recent years may be justly set down to the use or abuse of coffee as a beverage.

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Shoemaker, in his "Materia Medica,' treating upon coffee, says: "Used in excess it disorders digestion and causes functional disturbance of the nervous system, shown by headache, vertigo, mental confusion and palpitation of the heart. It increases secretion, blunts sensation, exalts reflex excitability, increases mental activity, and may produce insomnia and great nervous restlessness, ," and this is as much as any medical author has to say upon the subject.

In my case it may be merely the zeal of the recent convert which inspires me, but I feel strongly from both my personal and professional experience that there is so much more that could and should be said about the deleterious effects of coffee and its potency as a factor This has in the production of disease. been so strongly impressed upon me the past winter, that I am impelled to make a contribution to the subject, by reporting a few cases in which coffee was so manifestly causing or continuing the disease that it could not be ignored.

Case I. In the latter part of Decem

ber, 1903, I had under treatment an old lady, seventy-four years, who was convalescing from an attack of pneumonia. She had responded favorably to the treatment and was doing nicely except for a peculiar rise and fall of the temperature and an irregular action of the heart. She had been troubled more or less with weakness of the heart, and at this time its action was giving me a good deal of concern, its beat being irregular and feeble, and at times much more so than others. A study of conditions and causes threw no light on the case until I found that the irregularity was more marked on the mornings when she had coffee, which she did not have every morning. As I could not discover any other cause I advised that she should not take the coffee. After some demur on the part of the patient, she acceded and Postum Cereal was substituted for the coffee. A favorable effect was almost immediately apparent; the irregular action gave place to a steady, regular beat, the pulse became fuller and stronger, the temperature became normal and the case went on to uninterrupted recovery.

Case II. The result in case one set me thinking. For some years I had been troubled with nervous dyspepsia, with cardiac irritability, and at times, great irregularity in the action of the heart, intermittent beat of the pulse and much nervous depression, all of which, in spite of treatment, was steadily getting worse. I had had light enough thrown on the cause, if I had not been so blinded by prejudice that I could not see. As, for instance, on one occasion, when the cook, who did not believe that coffee was any good unless it rivalled in color her ebony face, gave me a cup of

again, and treatment failing to effect any improvement, it began to look as if I was in danger of a complete breakdown.

The colleague who was treating me was suspicious of kidney disease, but an urinary analysis cleared up that point, It was at this but I did not improve. time, as I have said, the result in case No. 1 set me thinking, and I found from a study of the modalities, that I was worse and more depressed after taking coffee, and it finally penetrated into my inner consciousness that possibly coffee was the cause of my condition. I took my own prescription and gave up coffee, with the result of an almost immediate change for the better. The depression cardiac disturbance disappeared, the ceased, and the dyspeptic symptoms lessened and a steady improvement set in.

Case III. About the same time I had under treatment a young lady suffering from chronic .nephritis, who presented an almost endless variety of symptoms, which would yield to treatment for a time, only to return in an aggravated form. Among the more persistent and annoying of these was a gastric irritability with an absolute refusal of the stomach to digest or absorb any food, progressive emaciation with great weakness, and a constant sensation of hunger with nausea and frequent spells of vomiting, when the food taken would be returned unchanged; palpitation of the heart, ædema, hectic fever, colliquative sweats, etc. Under treatment and a most rigid diet the mitigation of the symptoms was very slight.

I had advised her that coffee was in

jurious and should be given up, but it

was not until her condition was almost hopeless that she could be induced to follow my advice and refrain from coffee. The beneficial effect of this was apparent at once; the stomach began to recover its tone, and the irritability ceased, the vomiting stopped, and the food taken was digested and absorbed; the sensation of continual hunger disappeared, the emaciation lessened, and her strength slowly returned. course, the disease has not been cured, but a cure which seemed hopeless before has been made possible.


As a result of these experiences, to which more could be added, in all cases of intractable nervous or gastric diseases, I have come to regard coffee as an incitant, and an important, if not the chief, factor in the production of the disease, and to insist upon its discontinuance as a part of the treatment, and, I may add, with uniformly good effect. I have found also that, although the giving up of coffee has been in many cases done only under protest and with great reluctance, it has been attended with but little difficulty when a palatable and satisfactory substitute was provided. In my own case and in that of the others described, I used the Postum Cereal and found it entirely satisfactory. Even the most inveterate coffee drinkers after a short use of the Postum seem to lose all desire for coffee and to be perfectly satisfied with the Cereal.





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