Voices of the Earth: An Anthology of Ideas and Arguments

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John James Clarke
G. Braziller, 1994 - Počet stran: 198
A unique collection of readings conveying the enormous range of discussions and debates which, over the centuries, have questioned our place within and treatment of the natural world. The extracts chosen cover both Western and non-Western traditions of thought, and represent a diverse range of sources, including writers, theologians, scientists, poets and philosophers, from the early Hindu scriptures to Sartre. The extracts have been chosen for their accessibility for the modern reader, and the volume includes a comprehensive introduction outlining the issues involved, and commentaries which put the individual texts in context. The extracts in this book raise fundamental questions about our relationship with the world we live in, and will inform current concerns about the environmental crises we are facing. Fascinating reading, and an indispensable source of reference.

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The Classical World
The JudaeoChristian
Psalm 8
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