Portfolio Theory and Capital Markets

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McGraw-Hill, 2000 - Počet stran: 316
"The CAPM rattled investment professionals in the 1960s and its commanding importance still reverberates today." --Dow Jones Asset Management. Nearly 30 years ago, PORTFOLIO THEORY AND CAPITAL MARKETS laid the groundwork for such investment standards as modern portfolio theory, derivatives pricing and investment, and equity index funds, among others. By providing invaluable insights into the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM), Dr. William Sharpe assured myself a position as one of the most influential financial minds of the twentieth century. Now, in the carefully crafted PORTFOLIO THEORY AND CAPITAL MARKETS, THE ORIGINAL EDITION, readers have the opportunity to rediscover Dr. Sharpe's genius. With its discussions of how financial markets should act--and if they act as expected, how investors should respond--its value to today's investor is perhaps greater than at any time in the past. Investors, portfolio managers, business people, and others who have relied on Dr. Sharpe's findings for over 30 years will discover strategies and tactics they previously overlooked. Students and others new to Sharpe's work will instantly discover its logic and value. PORTFOLIO THEORY AND CAPITAL MARKETS, THE ORIGINAL EDITION, complete with a new foreword written by Dr. Sharpe, reintroduces this essential book, places its lessons in a meaningful context for modern investors throughout the world, and provides timeless insights that are well worth revisiting today.

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O autorovi (2000)

William F. Sharpe, Ph.D., is currently The STANCO 25 Professor Emeritus of Finance at Stanford University's graduate school of business.

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