The Soul of Man: An Investigation of the Facts of Physiological and Experimental Psychology

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Open Court Publishing Company, 1891 - Počet stran: 458

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Strana 311 - As Caesar loved me, I weep for him; as he was fortunate, I rejoice at it; as he was valiant, I honour him; but, as he was ambitious, I slew him.
Strana 15 - Body, as far as we can conceive, being able only to strike and affect body; and motion, according to the utmost reach of our ideas, being able to produce nothing but motion ; so that when we allow it to produce pleasure or pain, or the idea of a colour or sound, we are fain to quit our reason, go beyond our ideas, and attribute it wholly to the good pleasure of our Maker.
Strana 257 - But after a few months, another fit of somnolency invaded her. On rousing from it, she found herself restored to the state she was in before the first paroxysm ; but was wholly ignorant of every event and occurrence that had befallen her afterwards. The former condition of her existence she now calls the Old State...
Strana 1 - When I come to the conclusion that you are conscious, and that there are objects in your consciousness similar to those in mine, I am not inferring any actual or possible feelings of my own, but your feelings, which are not, and cannot by any possibility become, objects in my consciousness.
Strana 257 - The former condition of existence she now calls the Old state, and the latter the New state ; and she is as unconscious of her double character as two distinct persons are of their respective natures. For example : in her old state, she possesses all the original knowledge ; in her new state, only what she acquired since.
Strana 256 - It was found necessary for her to learn everything again. She even acquired, by new efforts, the art of spelling, reading, writing, and calculating, and gradually became acquainted with the persons and objects around, like a being for the first time brought into the world. In these exercises she made considerable proficiency. But, after a few months, another fit of somnolency invaded her. On rousing from it, she found herself restored to the state she was in before the first paroxysm, but was wholly...
Strana 12 - Matter is a mental picture in which mind-stuff is the thing represented. Reason, intelligence, and volition are properties of a complex which is made up of elements themselves not rational, not intelligent, not conscious.
Strana 1 - ... changes. But the inferred existence of your feelings, of objective groupings among them similar to those among my feelings, and of a subjective order in many respects analogous to my own, — these inferred existences are in the very act of inference thrown out of my consciousness, recognized as outside of it, as not being a part of me.
Strana 7 - As the physical configuration of my cerebral image of the object is to the physical configuration of the object, so is my perception of the object (the object regarded as complex of my feelings) to the thing-in-itself.
Strana 16 - ... complete ; but if not, then he has furnished an analogy which those who do take that view may well thank him for. There is this difference between the passing chords and cadences of the piano and the passing chords and cadences in the brain — and it is of the essence of the matter — that, in the former case, the chords and cadences do pass and leave no trace of themselves behind in the structure of the piano ; while, in the latter case, they do not pass or die away without leaving most important...

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