Northrop Frye's Student Essays, 1932-1938, Svazek 3

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University of Toronto Press, 1. 1. 1997 - Počet stran: 557

'Frye was a person of uncommon gifts, and very little that came from his pen is without interest.' So writes Robert Denham in his introduction to this unique collection of twenty-two papers written by Northrop Frye during his student years. Made public only after Frye's death in 1991, all but one of the essays are published here for the first time.

The majority of these papers were written for courses at Emmanuel College, the theology school of Victoria College at the University of Toronto. Essays such as 'The Concept of Sacrifice,' 'The Fertility Cults,' and 'The Jewish Background of the New Testament' reveal the links between Frye's early research in theology and the form and content of his later criticism. It is clear that even as a theology student Frye's first impulse was always that of the cultural critic. The papers on Calvin, Eliot, Chaucer, Wyndham Lewis, and on the forms of prose fiction show Frye as precociously witty, rigorous, and incisive - a gifted writer who clearly found his voice before his last undergraduate year.

David Lodge wrote in the New Statesman: 'There are not many critics whose twenty-year-old book reviews one can read with pleasure and instruction, but Frye is an exception to most rules.' Northrop Frye's student essays provide pleasure and instruction through their comments on the Augustinian view of history, on beauty, truth, and goodness, on literary symbolism and tradition.

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The Basis of Primitivism
T S Eliot and Other Observations
An Abstract Study
The Concept of Sacrifice
An Essay
St Paul and Orphism
The Augustinian Interpretation of History
The Life and Thought of Ramon Lull
Gains and Losses of the Reformation
A Study of the Impact of Cultural Movements upon the Church
The Relation of Religion to the Arts
A Study in Prose Satire
An Enquiry into the Art Forms of Prose Fiction
The Importance of Calvin for Philosophy
A Reconsideration of Chaucer

Robert Cowton to Thomas Rondel Lector at Balliol College Oxford
Relative Importance of the Causes of the Reformation
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The late Northrop Frye was a professor in the Department of English at Victoria College, University of Toronto. ROBERT D. DENHAM is John P. Fishwick Professor of English at Roanoke College in Salem, Virginia. He is author and editor of several books on Northrop Frye.

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