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4. Do not go across dangerous places, nor through them, merely to save a few steps or a few seconds of time.

5. Be careful in going up or down stairs. 6. Do not throw articles of any kind out of windows. 7. Do not spit upon the floors, passageways, walks or in corners.

8. Never fail to use a safeguard provided, and under no condition remove a safeguard unless you are authorized to do so.

9. Never repair or clean machinery when in motion.

10. Do not wear loose or torn clothing, loose neckties, dangling sleeves, aprons, gloves, loose suspender straps, unbuttoned jumpers or pants with cuffs when working around moving parts of machinery.

11. Goggles must be worn in all operations by workers doing any work where there is danger of flying particles, such as chipping of concrete or any kind of metals, handling of molten metal, using unprotected grinding wheels, etc.

12. Never use an elevator without permission from those in authority. Never attempt to step or jump on or off a moving elevator.

13. Examine all tools before using them. No tools should be used, or issued, having “burred” “mushroom” heads, defective or loose handles.

14. Tools, appliances, materials or equipment must not be left in aisles or passageways.

15. Broken, weak or rickety ladders should never be used. Ladders should always rest firmly upon a level surface, and special care should be taken to prevent them from slipping at the foot or at the top.

16. In piling up materials, be careful to stow them so that they cannot fall over. Also guard against overloading floors or racks.

17. If a nail is protruding from a board, knock it down or


bend it over.

18. Wash-rooms and toilet-rooms must be kept clean and sanitary.

19. Maintain your self-respect and that of your fellow workers by neither drawing obscene pictures nor writing obscene matter on walls, doors, etc. If you do not practice such indecencies, do not countenance them from others.

20. Never play or tamper with any fire fighting apparatus. If it is not ready for use when needed, it may contribute to serious injury to yourself or fellow workers.

21. It is the duty of every employee to report every unsafe or dangerous condition or practice he sees either to his foreman, representative on the safety committee, or safety supervisor.

22. Call attention of your foreman when there is insufficient light about machinery or passageways.

23. Call attention of your foreman to any lack of proper ventilation.

24. If you are injured, no matter how slightly, report it to your foreman at once.

25. Be careful in everything you do. Take no chances. Remember that small neglects and oversights often cause serious accidents. Warn other men when you see them in danger, and try to get them to do things in a safe way. Look out for new workers and see that they do not meet with accidents, nor expose others to danger. Talk freely about safety with other employees, and remember that safety and sanitation suggestions are always welcome.

26. Watch carefully for new rules that may be adopted from time to time.

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