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Election of remedies...
Employers, identification of..
Estoppel from pleading time limits....
Evidence, claimant's unsupported testimony.

Facts, court review of......
Foreign country residents, dependency.
Negligence actions
Notice of accident

Eye, award for loss of.
Facts, court review of....
Federal control, operation under.
Fees for legal services....
Filing of compensation claims.
Fingers, loss of two or more, compensation schedule.
Five and one-half day workers, wage calculation.
Foreign country claimants, compensation
General employer versus special employer..
Glasses, correcting, eye injuries....
Government control, operation under.
Grandparents, death benefit rights.
Hand, award for loss of...
Hearsay evidence
Highway contracts, state, compensation under.
Husband, dependency upon wife..
Identification of the employer.
Impaired earnings, awards for.
Insurance contracts, private

State fund
Legal services in compensation cases..
Liability, release of employer from.
Lump sum payments
Varitime cases, election of remedies.
Marriage relative to death benefits
Minors' expected wage increase..
National Guard employees in New York City, compensation..
Notice of accident by employee to employer....
One hundred dollär fund, disability compensation relative to.
Parents, death benefit rights....
Payment of compensation
Present value of awards, deposit with state fund...
Presumptions in favor of compensation claims.
Private insurance contracts
Proportionate loss, award for...
Reconsideration of compensation cases, commission's right.
Release of employer from liability..

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45. 100 23, 45

Remedies, election of.....
“ Runners” in compensation cases.
Second accident following first, responsibility for compensation.
Sisters and brothers, death benefit rights...
Special employer versus general employer.
State fund, policies, cancellation..

Present value of awards, deposit.

Withdrawal of employers from..
Table of cases..
Third party cases, actions previous to death benefit claims, effect.

Election to sue as a claim..

Time limit, claims for compensation, filing
Tips as part of wages.....
Two employers, award against..
Unwitnessed accidents, presumptions.
Vested interests, awards as...
Wages, basis of compensation..

Receipt by injured employee during disability.
Wifehood relative to death benefits....
Withdrawal of employers from state fund.







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