Life and Writings, Svazek 2

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D.I. Eaton, 1794

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Strana 198 - They err, who count it glorious to subdue By conquest far and wide, to overrun Large countries, and in field great battles win, Great cities by assault : what do these worthies, But rob and spoil, burn, slaughter, and enslave Peaceable nations...
Strana 564 - They who create magistracies, and give to them such name, form, and power, as they think fit, do only know, whether the end for which they were created be performed or not. They who give a being to the power which had none, can only judge whether it be employed to their welfare, or turned to their ruin. They do not set up one or a few men, that they and their posterity may live in splendor and greatness, but that justice may be administered, virtue established, and provision made for the public safety.
Strana 202 - Indictment being perplexed and confused, so that neither he nor any of his Friends that heard it, could fully comprehend the Scope of it, he was wholly unprovided of all the Helps that the Law allows to every Man for his Defence. Whereupon he did again desire a Copy, and produced an Authentick Copy of the Statute of 46 Ed.
Strana 116 - England takes no notice of any fuch guards ; and therefore the indidlment is uncertain arid void. " The king is guarded by the fpecial protection of Almighty God, by whom he reigns, and whofe vicegerent he is : he has an invifible guard, a guard of holy angels : Non eget Mauri jaculis nee arcu, Nee venenatis gravida fagittis, Crede, pharetra.
Strana 599 - They found a parliament full of lewd young men chosen by a furious people in spite to the puritans, whose severity had distasted them. The weakest of all ministers had wit enough to understand, that such as these might be easily deluded, corrupted, or bribed. Some were fond of their seats in parliament, and delighted to domineer over their neighbours by continuing in them: others preferred the cajoleries of the court before the honour of performing their duty to the country that employed them. Some...
Strana 95 - It is ill that men should kill one another in seditions, tumults and wars; but it is worse to bring nations to such misery, weakness and baseness as to have neither strength nor courage to contend for anything; to have left nothing worth defending; and to give the name of peace to desolation.
Strana 119 - All men follow that, which seems advantageous to themselves. Such as are bred under a good discipline, and see that all benefits, procured to their country by virtuous actions, redound to the honour and advantage of themselves, their children, friends, and relations, contract from their infancy a love to the public, and look upon the common concernments as their own. When they have learnt to be virtuous, and see that virtue is in esteem, they seek no other preferments than such as may be obtained...
Strana 273 - Do that which is good, and thou fhalt have"praife of the fame, for he is the minifter of God to thee for good : but if thou do that which is evil, be afraid, for he beareth not the fword in vain : for he is the minifter of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil.
Strana 309 - In some places, males only are capable of inheriting, in others females are admitted. Where the monarchy is regular, as in Germany, England, &c. the kings can neither make nor change laws : they are under the law, and the law is not under them ; their letters or commands are not to be regarded: in the administration of justice, the question is not what pleases them, but what the law declares to be right, which must have its course, whether the king be busy or at leisure, whether he will or not. The...
Strana 513 - But those who seek after truth will easily find that there can be no such thing in the world as the rebellion of a nation against its own magistrates, and that rebellion is not always evil. That this may appear, it will not be amiss to consider the word, as well as the thing understood by it, as it is used in an evil sense.

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