Thomas Jefferson: A Free Mind

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Trafford Publishing, 11. 11. 2004
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Thomas Jefferson, A Free Mind is a collection of essays about the talented third president. Thomas Jeffersons impact on the United States and world was large when he was alive over 200 years ago, but his impact today is even larger. As we celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Lewis and Clark expedition, Jeffersons contribution to America becomes more evident. As America deals with terrorists in the 21st century we are reminded that Thomas Jefferson was the first president to confront with military force the Barbary pirate terrorists in the early 1800s. The twenty two essays cover not only the Corps of Discovery and the Barbary pirates, but Jeffersons impacts on architecture, law, political thinking, wine and the French revolution just to name a few. Thomas Jefferson was interested in almost everything and this book of essays traverses many of his life long pursuits. We are enriched today because of Jeffersons stubborn persistence in the belief of public education. Our university grounds are all modeled after his stunningly beautiful campus concept for his University of Virginia. Many of the rights we take for granted today are rooted in Thomas Jeffersons early arguments as a new lawyer for natural rights . The more we know of Jefferson, the more the find his fingerprints on modern day culture, style and life.

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