The Adventurous Male: Chapters in the History of the White Male Mind

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Pennsylvania State University Press, 1993 - Počet stran: 245

In this final volume of the trilogy on the theme of adventure begun with The Robinson Crusoe Story and Seven Types of Adventure Tale, Martin Green argues that Western civilization and culture have been inspired and characterized by the idea of adventure as much as by more famous ideas like democracy and justice.

Green explores the dimensions of both individual and group or political forms of adventure, uncovering the presence of the adventure idea, and tracing its influence, in various kinds of cultural activity and ideology, from exploration, sports, and nationalistic activity to philosophy, politics, science, and economics. In most cases, he finds a cult of energy, risk, and heroism that answers to the excitement of those stories defined as adventures. Moreover, he demonstrates that the cult is linked to masculinity and certain virtues associated with men rather than women. The Adventurous Male will augment ongoing discussion and debate in the realms of both feminism and the men's movement.

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Adventure and Masculinity
Adventure Manhood Citizenship
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Martin Green is Professor of English at Tufts University. He is the author of many books including The Origins of Nonviolence ( 1986), The Robinson Crusoe Story (1990), and Seven Types of Adventure Tale (1991), all published by Penn State Press.

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