The American Farm Book: Or Compend of American Agriculture; Being a Practical Treatise on Soils, Manures, Draining, Irrigation, Grasses, Grain, Roots, Fruits ...

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C. M. Saxon, 1850 - Počet stran: 325

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Strana 3 - But fruitful, rich, well suited to inspire The purest frenzy of poetic fire. Despise it not, ye bards to terror...
Strana 6 - Performs the hasty honors of the board." Such is thy name, significant and clear, • A name, a sound to every Yankee dear, But most to me, whose heart and palate chaste, Preserve my pure, hereditary taste.
Strana 4 - Doomed o'er the world through devious paths to roam, Each clime my country, and each house my home. My soul is soothed, my cares have found an end; I greet my long-lost, unforgotten friend.
Strana 5 - ... distant from our native shore, With mutual glee, we meet and laugh once more. The same ! I know thee by that yellow face, That strong complexion of true Indian race, Which time can never change, nor soil impair, Nor Alpine snows, nor Turkey's morbid air ; For endless years, through every mild domain Where grows the maize, there thou art sure to reign.
Strana 5 - tis served, and then in equal haste, With cooling milk, we make the sweet repast. No carving to be done, no knife to grate The tender ear and wound the stony plate ; But the smooth spoon, just fitted to the lip, And taught with art the yielding mass to dip, By frequent journeys to the bowl well stored, Performs the hasty honors of the board.
Strana 6 - England, where the last Receives a dash of pumpkin in the paste, To give it sweetness and improve the taste. But place them all before me...
Strana 10 - So the vex'd caldron rages, roars, and boils. First with clean salt she seasons well the food, Then strews the flour, and thickens all the flood. Long o'er the simmering fire she lets it stand ; To stir it well demands a stronger hand...
Strana 5 - E'en in thy native regions, how I blush To hear the Pennsylvanians call thee Mush ! On Hudson's banks, while men of Belgic spawn Insult and eat thee by the name Suppawn.
Strana 9 - Unshared by them in substance or in song. At last the closing season browns the plain, And ripe October gathers in the grain...
Strana 20 - The greatest labour they take, is in planting their corne, for the country naturally is overgrowne with wood. To prepare the ground they bruise the barke of the trees neare the root, then do they scortch the roots with fire that they grow no more.

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