McClure's Magazine, Svazek 40

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S.S. McClure Company, 1913

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Strana 33 - Hood paced the length of his string of apartments, bounded—as the boys' geographies say —on the east by the North Sea and on the west by the serried ranks of his sociological and criminologist library. He was clad in an artist's velvet, but with none of an artist's negligence; his hair was heavily shot with grey, but growing thick and healthy; his face was lean, but sanguine and expectant. Everything about him and his room indicated something at once rigid and restless, like that great Northern...
Strana 79 - When the discoverers of America saw land at last they fell on their knees and a hymn of thanksgiving burst from their souls. The scene, which is one of the most thrilling in history, repeats itself in the heart of every immigrant as he comes in sight of the American shores. I am at a loss to convey the peculiar state of mind that the experience created in me.
Strana 135 - Always use Victor Machines with Victor Records and Victor Needles — the combination. There is no other way to get the unequaled Victor tone.
Strana 79 - ... listen." With which I took to translating the Hebrew text into Yiddish for him. He listened with devout mien. I was not sure that he understood it even in his native tongue, but, whether he did or not, his beaming, wistful look and the deep sigh he emitted indicated that he was in a state similar to mine. When I say that my first view of New York Bay struck me as something not of this earth it is not a mere figure of speech. I vividly recall the feeling, for example, with which I greeted the...
Strana 302 - Om tat sat Om !" Thus, day by day, till Karma's powers spent Release the soul for ever. No more is birth, Nor I, nor thou, nor God, nor man. The ' I ' Has All become, the All is ' I ' and Bliss. Know thou art That, Sannyasin bold ! Say —
Strana 228 - EVENING and the flat land, Rich and somber and always silent; The miles of fresh-plowed soil. Heavy and black, full of strength and harshness; The growing wheat, the growing weeds, The toiling horses, the tired men; The long empty roads, Sullen fires of sunset, fading, The eternal, unresponsive sky.
Strana 40 - Still again, realizing that greed of territory would lead the European powers sooner or later to seek the partition of China and the political control of the Mongolian lands of the Far East, Japan wished to stir China from her lethargy, make herself...
Strana 130 - I have published a free booklet showing how to stand and walk correctly and giving other information of vital interest to women. Write for it and I will also tell you about !.my work. If you are perfectly well and your figure is just what you wish, you may be able to help a dear friend — at least you will help me by your interest in this great movement for greater culture, refinement and beauty in women.
Strana 79 - I uttered them in a fervent whisper. My unhappy love never ceased to harrow me. The stem image of Matilda blended with the hostile glamour of America. One of my fellow-passengers was a young Yiddish-speaking tailor named Gitelson. He was about twenty-four years old, yet his forelock was gray, just his forelock, the rest of his hair being a fine, glossy brown. His own cap had been blown into the sea and the one he had obtained from the steerage steward was too small for him, so that gray tuft of his...

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