Reports of Cases in Law and Equity, Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of the State of Georgia, in the Year ..., Svazek 51

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Edward O. Jenkins, 1875

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Strana 65 - ... it is as much a matter of course for a court of equity to decree specific performance of it as it is for a court of law to give damages for a breach of it Smoot v.
Strana 56 - Whenever a contract concerning real property is in its nature and incidents entirely unobjectionable — that is, when it possesses none of those features which, as we shall see, appeal to the discretion of the court — it is as much a matter of course for a court of equity to decree a specific performance of it, as it is for a court of law to give damages for the breach of it.
Strana 74 - One is that it will not permit the statute of frauds to be used as an instrument of fraud, and the other, that when a person through the influence of a confidential relation acquires title to property, or obtains an advantage which he cannot conscientiously retain, the court, to prevent the abuse of confidence, will grant relief.
Strana 297 - Respondent moved for a new trial on the grounds that the verdict was contrary to the weight of the evidence, that it was a compromise verdict, and that the damages allowed were inadequate.
Strana 284 - The jury, under the charge of the court, found a verdict for the defendant.
Strana 162 - The Supreme Court shall have no original jurisdiction, but shall be a Court alone for the trial and correction of errors from the Superior Courts, and from the City Courts of Atlanta and Savannah, and such other like courts as may be hereafter established in other cities...
Strana 136 - ... who have only an equitable interest in the property, will be also barred ; but when the legal title to the property is vested in the infants, or cast upon them by operation of law, then the statute does not run against them during their infancy.
Strana 153 - CD to be and appear at the next superior court to be held in and for said county, to answer your petitioner's complaint.
Strana 565 - No law or ordinance shall pass which refers to more than one subject matter, or contains matter different from what is expressed in the title thereof.
Strana 618 - ... on the ground that the verdict was not sustained by the evidence.

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