The Carnivores

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Cornell University Press, 1998 - Počet stran: 500
"A masterful synthesis of anatomy, physiology, and behavior into a coherent exposition on the ways these highly specialized mammals make their living. . . . The book is a tremendous addition to the biologist's bookshelf and a 'must' for those who specialize in the study of these most fascinating mammals."—Quarterly Review of Biology"Ewer's equal excellence as an ethologist and paleontologist gives her a better perspective on these subjects—as well as their combination in 'paleoethology'—than almost anyone."—American Scientist"Ewer writes pleasantly and her text is refreshingly free of jargon, so that the book is enjoyable to read for layman and scientist alike. Here and there are personal reflections and anecdotes which not only help to enliven the pages but often also provide a new insight into a problem."—Science

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Introduction I
The skeleton
Anatomy of the soft parts
The special senses
Food and food finding
Signals and social organisation
Social organisation and living space
Fossil relatives
Classification and distribution
Bibliography of R F Euwers Published Works
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