The London, Edinburgh and Dublin Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science

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Taylor & Francis, 1872

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Strana 80 - Essays on Astronomy. A Series of Papers on Planets and Meteors, the Sun and Sun-surrounding Space, Stars and Star Cloudlets. By RA Proctor, BA With 10 Plates and '24 Woodcuts.
Strana 388 - The Orbs Around Us; a Series of Familiar Essays on the Moon and Planets, Meteors and Comets, the Sun and Coloured Pairs of Suns. By RA Proctor, BA Second Edition, with Chart and 4 Diagrams. Crown 8vo. 'js. 6d. Other Worlds than Ours; The Plurality of Worlds Studied under the Light of Recent Scientific Researches.
Strana 240 - Guineas each, with every requisite to assist those commencing the study of this interesting science, a knowledge of which affords so much pleasure to the traveller in all parts of the world. * A collection for Five Guineas which will illustrate the recent works on Geology by Ansted, Buckland.
Strana 25 - Nevertheless, it is necessary to remember that there is a wider Teleology which is not touched by the doctrine of Evolution, but is actually based upon the fundamental proposition of Evolution. That proposition is, that the whole world, living and not living, is the result of the mutual interaction according to definite laws of the forces possessed by the molecules, of which the primitive nebulosity of the universe was composed.
Strana 469 - ... the true cause of volcanic heat. As the solid crust sinks together to follow down after the shrinking nucleus, the work expended in mutual crushing and dislocation of its parts is transformed into heat, by which, at the places where the crushing sufficiently takes place, the material of the rock so crushed and of that adjacent to it are heated, even to fusion. The access of water to such points determines volcanic eruption.
Strana 160 - MINERALS : these are found in masses, in beds, or in veins, and occasionally in the beds of rivers. Specimens of the following are contained in the Cabinet :— Iron, Manganese, Lead, Tin, Zinc, Copper, Antimony, Silver, Gold, Platina, &c.
Strana 25 - If one plant or animal differs from another, or the parent from the child, it is because in the building-up process the determinations of molecular motion were different in the two cases ; and the true and fundamental ground of the difference must be sought for in the cause of the determination of molecular motion.
Strana 70 - ... be turned, we have the colours shown in the regular order. If the plates A and B have their axes directed at 45° on the same side of the axis of C, and the pieces be turned round bodily as before the colours change in the same order as above, and go through their cycle once in every...

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