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1.-1. Librorum Impressorum qui in Museo Britannico ad-

servantur Catalogus.

2. Bibliothecæ Regiæ Catalogus. Londini, 1820.

3. Catalogus Librorum typis impressorum qui in Regia

Bibliotheca Borbonica adservantur.

4. Report from the Select Committee on the Condition,

Management, and Affairs of the British Museum.

5. Literatur früherer und noch bestehender Europäischer

öffentlicher und Corporations-Bibliotheken. Zusam -

mengestellt von Ernst Gustav Vogel, Privatlehrer zu


6. Catalogue of Printed Books in the Library of the

British Museum. Printed by order of the Trustees.

7. Bibliotheca Grenvilliana; or, Bibliographical Notices

of Rare and Curious Books, forming part of the Library

of the Right Hon. Thomas Grenville. By John Thomas

Payne, and Henry Foss


II. - The Lady of the Manor. Being a Series of Conversations

on the Subject of Confirmation, intended for the Use of

the Middle and Higher Ranks of Young Females. By

Mrs. Sherwood


III.-- Peregrine Bunce. By the Author of 'Sayings and

Doings,' &c. &c.


IV.—Memoirs and Correspondence of Francis Horner, M.P.

Edited by his brother, Leonard Horner, Esq., F.R.S. - 108

V.—The Waldenses, or the Fall of Rora: a Lyrical Sketch.

With other Poems. By Aubrey De Vere


VI.— Histories of Noble English Families; with Biographical

Notices of the most Distinguished Individuals in each :

Illustrated by their Armorial Bearings, Portraits, Mo-

numents, Seats, &c. Compiled and edited by Henry

Drummond, Esq. Parts I. and II.


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