The Quarterly Review, Svazek 72

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William Gifford, Sir John Taylor Coleridge, John Gibson Lockhart, Whitwell Elwin, William Macpherson, William Smith, Sir John Murray IV, Rowland Edmund Prothero (Baron Ernle)
John Murray, 1843

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Strana 257 - House our unanimous decision that, having respect to the considerations here recorded, and to the rubric concerning the service of the Church in our Book of Common Prayer, to wit, — ' Forasmuch as nothing can be so plainly set forth but doubts may arise in the use and practice of the same, to appease all such diversity (if any arise), and for the resolution of all doubts concerning the manner how to understand, do, and execute the things contained in this book...
Strana 411 - And at evening let them return; and let them make a noise like a dog, and go round about the city. 15 Let them wander up and down for meat, and grudge if they be not satisfied.
Strana 134 - Count each affliction, whether light or grave. God's messenger sent down to thee; do thou With courtesy receive him; rise and bow; And, ere his shadow pass thy threshold, crave Permission first his heavenly feet to lave ; Then lay before him all thou hast.
Strana 245 - Holy-days, when the most number of people come together; as well for that the Congregation there present may testify the receiving of them that be newly baptized into the number of Christ's Church ; as also because in the Baptism of Infants every Man present may be put in remembrance of his own profession made to God in his Baptism.
Strana 488 - THE work that should to-day be wrought, Defer not till to-morrow ; The help that should within be sought, Scorn from without to borrow Old maxims these — yet stout and true—- They speak in trumpet tone, To do at once what is to do, And trust OURSELVES ALONE. Too long our Irish hearts we schooled In patient hope to bide, By dreams of English justice fooled And English tongues that lied. That hour of weak delusion's past — The empty dream has flown : Our hope and strength, we find at last, Is...
Strana 233 - Upon the Sundays and other Holy-days (if there be no Communion) shall be said all that is appointed at the Communion, until the end of the General Prayer [For the whole state of Christ's Church militant here in earth\ together with one or more of these Collects last before rehearsed, concluding with the Blessing.
Strana 135 - There stood before me, in her majesty, Clio, the strong-eyed Muse. Upon her brow Sate a calm anger. " Go, young man ! " she cried, " Sigh among myrtle bowers, and let thy soul Effuse itself in strains so sorrowful sweet That love-sick maids may weep upon thy page, Soothed with delicious sorrow.
Strana 246 - And then the Godfathers and Godmothers, and the people with the Children, must be ready at the Font, either immediately after the last Lesson at Morning Prayer, or else immediately after the last Lesson at Evening Prayer, as the Curate by his discretion shall appoint.
Strana 491 - Some on the shores of distant lands Their weary hearts have laid, And by the stranger's heedless hands Their lonely graves were made...
Strana 454 - Seen him I have, but in his happier hour Of social pleasure, ill exchanged for power ; Seen him, uneumber'd with the venal tribe, Smile without art, and win without a bribe.

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