The Indo-Aryan Languages

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Cambridge University Press, 9. 9. 1993 - Počet stran: 539
In his ambitious survey of the Indo-Aryan languages, Masica has provided a fundamental, comparative introduction that will interest not only general and theoretical linguists but also students of one or more languages (Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Punjabi, Gujurati, Marathi, Sinhalese, etc.) who want to acquaint themselves with the broader linguistic context. Generally synchronic in approach, concentrating on the phonology, morphology and syntax of the modern representatives of the group, the volume also covers their historical development, writing systems, and aspects of sociolinguistics.

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This is a highly specialized work that takes a look at the languages of Northern India and their development from ancient times to the present day. This is a must have for linguists and lay ... Přečíst celou recenzi

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