Forests and Floods

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Case, Lockwood, & Brainard, 1885 - Počet stran: 37

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Strana 10 - It is enough to know that when we plant a tree we are doing what we can to make our planet a more wholesome and a happier dwelling place for those who come after us, if not for ourselves. As you drop the seed, as you plant the sapling, your left hand hardly knows what your right hand is doing. But nature knows, and in due time the Power that sees and works in secret will reward you openly.
Strana 5 - If he who makes two blades of grass grow where but one grew before...
Strana 19 - ... not exceed twenty-five dollars per acre, to timber trees of any of the following kinds, to wit: chestnut, hickory, ash, white oak, sugar maple, European larch, white pine, black walnut, tulip, or spruce, not less in number than...
Strana 12 - ... life and labors brighter and happier, and help one to go sunny and singing to his work. Our youth should early share in such efforts for adorning the surroundings of their homes, and planting trees by the wayside. How attractive our roads may become by long avenues of trees. This is beautifully illustrated in many countries of Europe.
Strana 12 - Such talks will lead our youth to admire our noble trees and realize that they are the grandest products of nature and form the finest drapery that adorns this earth in all lands. Thus taught they will wish to plant and protect trees, and...
Strana 10 - I planted on the hillside which overlooks the broad meadows, scalloped and rounded at their edges by loops of the sinuous Housatonic. Nature finds rhymes for them in the recurring measures of the seasons. Winter strips them of their ornaments and gives them, as it were, in prose translation, and summer reclothes them in all the splendid phrases of their leafy language. " What are these maples and beeches and birches but odes and idyls and madrigals ? What are these pines and firs and spruces but...
Strana 10 - As you drop tlie seed, as you plant the sapling, your left hand hardly knows what your right hand is doing. But Nature knows, and in due time the Power that sees and works in secret will reward you openly. You have been warned against hiding your talent in a napkin ; but if your talent takes the form of a maple-key or an acorn, and your napkin is a shred of the apron that covers "rhe lap of the earth...
Strana 14 - Societies," which have been organized through his efforts. Pastor Oberlin, after whom Oberlin College, of this State, is named, required each boy and girl, before he would administer the ordinance of confirmation, to bring a certificate that he or she had planted two trees. If but the youth of Ohio could be led to plant their two trees each, how by the children alone could our great State be enriched and beautified within the next fifty years.
Strana 19 - European larch, and pine timber trees, in number not less than two thousand trees to the acre, upon land, (not at the time of said planting woodland or sproutland, and not having been such within five years previously), the actual value of which at the time of planting does not exceed fifteen dollars per acre, shall...
Strana 12 - ... the State as well as to their pupils by leading them to study the habits of trees, and appreciate their value and beauty — thus tending to make practical horticulturists and arborists. How many of these children in maturer years will learn from happy experience that trees, like grateful children, bring rich filial returns, and compensate a thousand fold for all the care they cost ! George William Curtis says, "Arbor Day will make the country visibly more beautiful year by year.

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