Enterprise and Inclusion in Italy

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Springer Science & Business Media, 31. 10. 2002 - Počet stran: 190
In Enterprise and Inclusion in Italy, Edmund Phelps weaves together and applies to Italy his two principal interests of the past decade -the imperative of restoring initiative, enterprise and dynamism in a great many industrialized economies, most acutely needed in the eastern European economies amid the wreckage of their experiments with market socialism and communism, and the imperative of extending self-support and involvement in the business sector to the large number of marginalized workers, where his focus was on the high rates of dependency, idleness and crime among less educated in the United States.

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Enterprise and Inclusion in the Formal Economy of Italy
New Hazards to Enterprise and Inclusion Investment Stimuli and Workweek Reduction
Ways to Boost Enterprise and Inclusion Ownership the Underground Tax Structure
Some Impediments to Enterprise and Inclusion in the South Organized Crime and Organized Labor
Creating the Institutions for Capitalism in Italy and Wage Setting Plans for the Mezzogiorno
A Survey of Causes and Remedies for Italys Economic Problem
Appendix 1
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