The Phonology of Norwegian

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Oxford University Press, 2000 - Počet stran: 366
'The phonology of Norwegian is a book that no future student of Norwegian phonology can afford to ignore.' -Journal of Linguistics'Another aspect of the book that will make it useful as a reference book is the copious bibliography and the many good summaries of earlier work on Norwegian phonology. Since much of this work is published in Norwegian, Kristoffersen makes a substantial body of research available for the international linguistic community.' -Journal of Linguistics'The most important aspect of a book of the type under review is [therefore, in my opinion], to what extent it will prove successful as a reference book for future students of Norwegian phonology. In this respect, I find the book very promising.' -Journal of Linguistics'The book presents the most complete treatment of Norwegian phonology... and is in itself a thing a univerity teacher of Norwegioan has only dreamt of... splendid.' -Linguist List 12.826'The book is an ideal reference source in lexical phonology for students in advanced phonology courses and professional linguists.' -Times Higher Education SupplementA remarkably clear and concise presentation of the phonological system of Norwegian by arguably the best Norwegian phonologist. The Norwegian language has undergone considerable change in the last 180 years, and in this book Gjert Kristoffersen considers the abundant evidence in order to provide us with an original analysis of the ways in which the sounds and meanings of competing languages may change and evolve.

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O autorovi (2000)

Gjert Kristoffersen is Professor of Nordic Languages at the University of Bergen, and was from 1984-1988 the Editor at the Norwegian University Press.

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