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MY LORD, Similitude of manners and studies is usually mentioned as one of the strongest motives to affection and esteem ; but the passionate veneration I have for your Lordship, I think, flows from an admiration of qualities in you, of which, in the whole course of these papers, I

, have acknowledged myself incapable. While I busy myself as a stranger upon earth, and can pretend to no other than being a looker-on, you are conspicuous in the busy and polite world, both in the world of men, and that of letters. While I am filent and unobserved in public meetings, you are admired by all that approach you, as the life and genius of the conversation.


a Charles Montague, grandíon to an earl of Manchester, was taken much notice of at Cambridge, for his City and Country Mouse, a satire on Dryden. Being brought to court at the revolution, he was constituted one of the lords commissioners of the treasury, March 2, 1691-2; chancellor of the exchequer, in May 1694. The coin being exceedingly debased and dininished, he formed the design of calling in the money, and re-coining it, in 1695; which was effected in two years : to supply the immediate want of cash, he

projected the issuing of exchequer-bills. For this service, he had the thanks of the house of commons in 1697. He was next year appointed first lord commiffioner of the treasury; and, resigning that poft in June 1700, obtained a grant of the


What an happy conjunction of different talents

meets in him whofe whole difcourfe is at once animated by the strength and force of reason, and adorned with all the graces and embellishments of wit! When learning irradiates common life, it is then in its highest use and perfection; and it is to fuch as your lordship, that the sciences owe the esteem which they have with the active part of mankind. Knowledge of books, in reclufe men, is like that fort of lantern, which hides him who carries it, and ferves only to pass through fecret and gloomy paths of his own; but, in the poffeffion of a man of business, it is, as a torch in the hand of one who is willing and able to fhew those who were bewildered, the way which leads to their profperity and welfare. A generous concern for your country, and a paffion for every thing which is truly great and noble, are what actuate all your life and actions; and I hope you will forgive me that I have an ambition this book may be placed in the library of fo good a judge of what is valuable; in that library where the

office of auditor of the receipt of the exchequer; and the fame year, Dec. 13, was created baron Halifax. On the acceffion of George I. he was a member of the regency; was appointed first lord commiffioner of the treasury, Ŏct. 5, 1714; created viscount Sunbury and ear! of Halifax, Oct. 15; and died May 15, 1715.-Addifon has celebrated this lord in his account of the greatest English poets. Steele has drawn his character in the fecond volume of the Spectator, and in the fourth of the Tatler; but Pope, in the portrait of Bufo, in the Epiftle to Arbuthnot, has returned the ridicule which his lordship, in conjunction with Prior, had heaped on Dryden's Hind and Panther. Walpole's Catalogue, vol. ii. p. 116.

choice is fuch, that it will not be a difparagement to be the meaneft author in it. Forgive me, my lord, for taking this occafion of telling all the world how ardently I love and honour you; and that I am, with the utmost gratitude for all your favours, my lord, your lordship's moft obliged, most obedient, and most humble fervant,



** See Tat. with notes, vol. i. p. xlvii. & feq. note to the dedication of Tat. vol. iv. on the character of lord Halifax.


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