Ventures in Book Collecting

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C. Scribner's sons, 1923 - Počet stran: 356

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Strana 141 - Where'er I roam, whatever realms to see, My heart untravell'd fondly turns to thee ; Still to my brother turns, with ceaseless pain, And drags at each remove a lengthening chain.
Strana 73 - I came from India as a child, and our ship touched at an island on the way home, where my black servant took me a long walk over rocks and hills until we reached a garden where we saw a man walking. " That is he," said the black man ; "that is Bonaparte.
Strana 144 - Will it be any harm, said I, in a piece you want to be written so low, if we should instruct them how they should think and act in common cases, as well as indite ? They were the more urgent with me to begin the little volume for this hint. I set about it ; and...
Strana 42 - I had translated them partly for Cowell: Young Parker asked me some years ago for something for Frazer; and I gave him the less wicked of these to use if he chose. He kept them for two years without using: and as I saw he didn't want them I printed some copies with Quaritch; and, keeping some for myself, gave him the rest. Cowell, to whom I sent a Copy was naturally alarmed at it; he being a very religious man: nor have I given any other Copy but to George Borrow, to whom I had once lent the Persian,...
Strana 122 - Whoever wishes to attain an English style, familiar but not coarse, and elegant but not ostentatious...
Strana 120 - Coffee-house, the appeal upon any literary dispute was made to him ; and the other related, that his armed chair, which in the winter had a settled •: and and prescriptive place by the fire, was in the summer placed in the balcony, and that he called the two places his winter and his summer seat.
Strana 123 - What he attempted, he performed; he is never feeble, and he did not wish to be energetic ; he is never rapid, and he never stagnates. His sentences have neither studied amplitude, nor affected brevity; his periods, though not diligently rounded, are voluble and easy.
Strana 134 - I would chiefly recommend that an implicit obedience to the rules of art, as established by the practice of the great masters, should be exacted from the young students. That those models, which have passed through the approbation of ages, should be considered by them as perfect and infallible guides; as subjects for their imitation, not their criticism.
Strana 49 - I speak with heart-felt sincerity and (I think) unblinded Judgement, when I tell you, that I feel myself a little man by his side; and yet do not think myself the less man, than I formerly thought myself.
Strana 310 - The little book of rhymes was sent by way of fulfilling a rashly made promise ; and the promise was made to prevent you from throwing away four shillings in an injudicious purchase. I do not like my own share of the work, nor care that it should be read : Ellis Bell's I think good and vigorous, and Acton's have the merit of truth and simplicity. Mine are chiefly juvenile productions, the restless effervescence of a mind that would not be still. In those days the sea too often " wrought and was tempestuous,"...

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