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Spain, refuses to ratify a treaty of indemnity, 210; consents to the transfer of

Louisiana, 211 ; aggressions of, 210; negotiations with, 221; treaties

with, 299-301; ratitication of, delayed, 302-3.
Speaker of the house, long contest for, 893, &c.; suspension of, 272; resumed,

Specie circular of 1836, 666; Ewing's motion to rescind, debate on, bill passed,

and vetoed, 668-72; repealed, 702.
Spoliations, French, bill to pay clains for, 623; Adams' proposition, respecting

the delay of France to pay indemnity, 631.
Sprague, Peleg, of Maine, speech on Indian bill, 521-6.
Stamp act, 37, 161.
State governments, during the revolution, 49.
St. Clair, Gen., defeat of, by western Indians, 94.
St. Domingo), non-intercourse with, 220.
St. Marks and Pensacola, taken by Jackson, 290-2.
Stevenson, Andrew, speaker of the house, 1001; rejected as minister to England,

Stewart, Andrew, speech of, on woolens bill, 407; on tariff of 1846, 868-71.
Stoddart, Benj., of Ma., secretary of the navy, 160.
Sub-treasury, origin of, 620; recommended by Van Buren, 679; debated and

Just, again defeated, 689; speeches of Tallmadge, Calhoun, Clay, and
Webster, 690-702; established, 732; act repealed, 747 ; re-established,

Suppressed documents, in relation to the controversy with France and England,

Supreme court, opinion of, on bank question, 305, &c.; on insolvent and bank-

rupt laws, 308; in case of the Cherokees, 557; in case of Amistad cap-
tives, 727.

Taxation, right of, claimed by Great Britain, 33, 39; John Adams' sentiments on,

34; stamp act, glass, paper, &c., taxed, and acts resisted, 37-41; tax

law of congress opposed in Pennsylvania, 186-7.
Talleyrand, French minister of foreign affairs, 162, 164-5,
Taney, Roger B., attorney-general, 518; appointed secretary of the treasury, and

removes the deposits, 591; nomination of, rejected, 617.
Tariff of 1816, 279-81 ; vote on bill of 1820, 321-3; of 1824, proceedings on 322-

40; Clay's speech, 323, &c.; Webster's, against, 331, &c.; Philadelphia
meeting, on defeat of woolens bill, 412; Harrisburg convention, 412-14;
of 1828, 414-18; southern feeling, 419-20; attempt at the session of
1830-1; to revise, 534-6; of 1832, reports on, bills, and passage of,
562-3 ; Verplank's bill, and Clay's compromise, of 1832-3, 583-7; bills
and reports in 1812, of committee on manufactures, and of secretary
of the treasury, 770-9; distribution proviso, 779; bill vetoed. 780; re-
port of con. of thirteen, bill passed and approved, 782-3; attempt to
repeal, 828; prices of goods at Richmond, 829; attacked in 1846, by the
president and secretary of the treasury, 865-8; Stewart's reply, 868;

bill reported, amended, passed, 871-3.
Tassels, George, an Indian, execution of, 527.
Taylor, General, locates army at Corpus Cristi; is ordered to the Rio Grande

835; named for president, nominated, proceedings of convention, 874-9;
letter to Alison, 879; disaffection of the whigs; Buffalo convention, 850-1;
letters of Albany meeting, election, 882-3; inauguration, and cabinet,

892; message to congress, 894 ; his death, 910.
Territory acquired from Mexico, propositions for government of, 894, &c.; Bell's

resolutions, committee of thirteen, report of, 943-4.
Texas, independence of, recognized, 662-5; Preston's resolutions for andexation,

and speech, 703-4; Adams' speech, 709-11; proposition to annes, with-
drawn, 712; annexation of, revived ; treaty concluded, and rejected,
786-90'; Benton's resolution, and debate on, 790-8; president appeals to
the house, 798 ; letter of Clay on annexation of, 799-802; letter of Van
Buren, 803-8; propositions for annexation, and a bill passed, 816-21;
discussion, 821-7; Nashville convention proposed, 827-8.

[blocks in formation]

Texas, annexation effected, 830 ; protest of Mexican minister, 833; Benton on

Texas and New Mexico boundary bill, 905-9; controversy with Texas;

boundary bill passed, 911.
Treasury circular, (see specie circular,) issue of, authorized, 684-7, 739, 841.
Treaty, with Great Britain, (Jay's,) 137; call of the house for correspondence, and

refused by the president, 142-3; treaty negotiated by Pinkney and Mon-

roe, and rejected, 221-2.
Tripoli, relations with, 202.
Tyler, Jolin, report of, on charges against the bank, 619-20; on French spolia-

tion bill, 623; nominated vice-president, 735 ; his political opinions,
737; clection, 738; becomes president, 745; vetoes bank bills, 748-9;
resignation and statements of his secretaries, 749-52 ; new cabinet, 754 ;
vetoes tarifi bill, 780.

Union, dissolution of, prayed for, 756; attempt to censure Adams, 757-66 ; Gid-

dings presents a similar petition, 766.
United States Gazette, Fenno's, 97; Fenno's death, 185.
Upshur, Abel P., secretary of the navy, 754; of state, 999; correspondence of,

relating to annexation, 787-8; death of, 799.
Utah, territory, government for, established, 904.
Vail, Aaron, charge of affairs in England, 617.
Van Buren, secretary of state, 477 ; resigns, 548; appointed minister to England,

652; nominated and rejected, 553; nominated for vice-president, 564;
anl elected, 565; casting vote of, on bill against mailing anti-slavery
papers, 653 ; elected president, his inauguration, 676-7 ; money pressure,
bank suspension, 678; convenes congress, recommends sub-treasury,
679; sundry bills reported, fourth instalment of surplus revenue to be
withheld, 680; sub-treasury bill lost, 687, and again, 689; (sce sub-
treasury;) renominated, 735; letter on annexation, 803-8; nomination

by Utica and Buffalo conventions, 881.
Veto, power of, 968; applied to bank bill, 273, (Madison); internal improvement

bills, 284, 309, 311, (Madison and Monroe); Maysville and Washington
road bills, 506, 508, (Jackson); bank and land bills, 567, 557, (Jack-
son); bank bills, 748-9, (Tyler); tariff bills, and debate on, 780, 782,

(Tyler); distribution bill, by retaining it, 784.
Vienna, congress of, 51.
Virginia, settlement and government of, 26; resolutions of 1798, 172-6.
Walker, Robert J., of Miss., secretary of the treasury, 832 ; report of, on tariff

in 1816.
War, with Indians, defeat of St. Clair, 94; war of revolution, causes of, 33, &c.;

Madison's war message of 1812, 251; war report, 252; declaration of,
251; address of minority of congress, 254-8 ; (see Seminole war, Florida
war, and patriot war ;) with Mexico, act authorizing loans and treasury
notes, 811-2 ; debate on three million bill, and the objects and origin of
the war, by Calhoun, Benton, and Clayton, 812-5; principles involved,

remarks of Corwin and Rhett, 846-8; war terminated, treaty, 818.
Washington, commander-in-chief, 46; president, 75; letters to Hamilton and

Jefferson, 101-3; refuses to comply with a call for correspondence re-
specting the Jay treaty, 143 ; his suspicions of Jefferson, 149; charged
with monarchism by Jefferson, 150; forged letters against, 151; retire-
ment of, and denunciation of, by Aurora newspaper, 156 ; again com-

mander-in-chief, 166; died, December 14, 1799.
Washington, Federalist newspaper, 199.
Washington, city of, seat of government, 85, 86; capitol at, burned, 268.
Warehouse act, passed, 873.
Webster, Daniel, opposes tariff, 280; on Foot's resolution, 894; on expunging

resolution, 622 ; on power of removal, 626-8; on spoliation bill, 623;
on postponing fourth instalment, 681-2 ; appointed secretary of state,
744; letter of, on cabinet resignations, 751; speech of, on compromise of
1850, 809-902 ; his death, 937.

[blocks in formation]

Western lands, ceded to general government, 58, 85.
West India trade, 382, &c.; Gallatin sent to England; negotiation cut off

, 884; treaty, 386; M'Lane's arrangement, 528-30; relief from the effects of CORRECTIONS.

the treaty prayed for, 784. Whisky insurrection in western Pennsylvania, 105, 106. White, Hugh L., on Indian bill, 514-15; on expunging resolution, 622 ; on rg

movals, 628-9. Wirt, William, attorney-general, 1000; nominated by anti-masons for president

, 564. Wolcott, secretary of the treasury, 186. Woolens bill, of 1827, 403, &c. Woodbury, Levi, on Foot's resolution (powers of government,) 498; secretary of

the navy, 548; secretary of the treasury, 617. Wright, Silas, on spoliation bill, 623; reports sub-treasury, 680; remarks on

postponing fourth instalment of the surplus revenue, 689.

On page 281, it is stated, that the bill to incorporate a bank of the United States, was defeated in the senate“ by the casting vote of the vice-president, George Clinton, who was opposed to the bill, not on the ground of its unconstitationality,” &c. This is not correct. The writer had in mind the opinions of a certain other distinguished public functionary, which were, through inadvertence, attributed to Mr. Clinton, whose opposition to the bank, it is well known, was based upon the ground of unconstitutionality, as stated on page 985 of this work,

On page 1004, the statement purporting to exhibit " the value of certain articles imported," is a statement of articles e.rported, as the intelligent reader will readily perceive.

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