The Constitution and Government of the Province and State of New Jersey

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M.R. Dennis, 1872 - Počet stran: 501

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Strana 213 - House, respectively, whether it be expedient or not to make provision for the admission of Missouri into the Union on the same footing as the original States, and for the due execution of the laws of the United States within Missouri; and if not, whether any other, and what, provision adapted to her actual condition ought to be made by law.
Strana 144 - The officers of the American Army do hereby, in the most solemn manner, associate, constitute and combine themselves into one society of friends, to endure as long as they shall endure, or any of their eldest male posterity ; and, in failure thereof, the collateral branches who may be judged worthy of becoming its supporters and members.
Strana 292 - His horse, who never in that sort Had handled been before, What thing upon his back had got Did wonder more and more. Away went Gilpin, neck or nought, Away went hat and wig; He little dreamt, when he set out, Of running such a rig.
Strana 144 - An incessant attention to preserve inviolate those exalted rights and liberties of human nature for which they have fought and bled, and without which the high rank of a rational being is a curse instead of a blessing.
Strana 34 - That the common law of England, as well as so much of the statute law, as have been heretofore practised in this Colony, shall still remain in force, until they shall be altered by a future law of the Legislature; such parts only excepted, as are repugnant to the rights and privileges contained in this Charter...
Strana 289 - We feel no hesitation in confining these expressions to those privileges and immunities which are, in their nature, fundamental; which belong, of right, to the citizens of all free governments; and which have, at all times, been enjoyed by the citizens of the several states which compose this Union, from the time of their becoming free, independent, and sovereign.
Strana 31 - The State of New Jersey, to , Greeting." All writs shall be in the name of the State; And all indictments shall conclude in the following manner, viz.: "against the peace of this State the government and dignity of the same.
Strana 34 - That the government of this Province shall be vested in a Governor, Legislative Council, and General Assembly.
Strana 6 - The Concessions and Agreements of the Proprietors Freeholders and Inhabitants of the Province of West New Jersey in America,
Strana 479 - Tis in the gentle moonlight; Tis floating 'midst day's setting glories; Night, Wrapped in her sable robe, with silent step Comes to our bed, and breathes it in our ears: Night, and the dawn, bright day, and thoughtful eve, All time, all...

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