The Works of the English Poets: With Prefaces, Biographical and Critical, Svazek 53

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Samuel Johnson
C. Bathurst, 1779

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Strana 4 - Boafted their order which Callimachus (Reclining ftudious on Afopus' banks Beneath an urn of fome lamented nymph) Haply compos'd ; the urn with foliage curl'd Thinly conceal'd, the chapiter inform'd. See the tall obelifcs from Memphis old, One ftone enormous each, or Thebes convey'd ; Like Albion's fpires they rufh into the Ikies.
Strana 30 - The sturdy rustic, in the middle wave, Awaits to seize him rising ; one arm bears His lifted head above the limpid stream, While the full clammy fleece the other laves Around, laborious, with repeated toil ; And then resigns him to the sunny bank, Where, bleating loud, he shakes his dripping locks.
Strana 9 - Or the tall growth of glossy-rinded beech ; And where the burrowing rabbit turns the dust ; And where the dappled deer delights to bound. Such are the downs of...
Strana 1 - Hark how the mighty billows lash their vaults, And thunder; how they heave their rocks in vain; Though now incessant time has roll'd around A thousand winters o'er the changeful world, And yet a thousand, since th' indignant floods Roar loud in their firm bounds, and dash, and swell, In vain; convey'd to Tiber's lowest wave.
Strana 93 - Tore the wild-flying sails and tumbling masts; While flames, thick-flashing in the gloom, reveal'd Ruins of decks and shrouds, and sights of death. Yet on he far'd, with fortitude his cheer,— Gaining, at intervals, slow way, beneath Del Fuego's rugged cliffs ; and the white ridge Above all height, (by opening clouds...

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