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Strana 378 - Colorado. — States of Wyoming (except so much thereof as is embraced in the Yellowstone National Park), Colorado, and Utah, and the Territories of Arizona and New Mexico.
Strana 369 - AN ACT making appropriations for sundry civil expenses of the Government for the year ending June thirty, eighteen hundred and sixty-four, and for the year ending the 3o(th) of June, 1863, and for other purposes.
Strana 369 - And that the sum of ten thousand dollars be, and the same is hereby, appropriated out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the purpose of carrying this Resolution into effect.
Strana 330 - Potomac, for the skill and heroic valor which at Gettysburg repulsed, defeated, and drove back, broken and dispirited, the veteran army of the rebellion...
Strana 375 - A certificate of merit granted to an enlisted man for distinguished service shall entitle him, from the date of such service, to additional pay at the rate of two dollars per month while he is in the military service, although such service may not be continuous.
Strana 378 - District of Columbia, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi...
Strana 4 - Oct 1871 in holding the left of the line with a few men during the charge of a large body of Indians after the right of the line had retreated and by delivering a very rapid fire succeeded in checking the Indians until other troops came to the rescue; retd 28 June 1876.
Strana 387 - Of the veterinarians provided for in this act, one shall have the pay and allowances of a second lieutenant of cavalry, and one shall have the pay of seventy-five dollars per month and the allowances of a sergeant-major...
Strana 378 - Havana, to consist of that portion of the Island of Cuba embraced within the following boundaries: Beginning at the mouth of the Almendares River, thence south and west following the Almendares to its tributary, the Rio Grande ; thence along the Rio Grande to near its head ; thence north via...
Strana 369 - Congress to such officers, noncommissioned officers, and privates as have most distinguished, or may hereafter most distinguish, themselves by their gallantry in action...

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