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Howard's Biographical Ullustrations.

0182510916 Tue Subscribers to the London ENCYCLOPEDIA are respectfully informed, th:

PART I. of

Howard's Biographical Illustrations

Price 1s. or with Proofs on India Paper 2s. Is this day published, and MAY BE INSPECTED on application to any of the Agen

Many of the Subscribers to the London ENCYCLOPÆDIA having expresser wish for Portraits to illustrate that Work, has induced the Proprietor to commen this Publication; and he has added to each part two leaves of Letter-Press, order to accommodate those persons who are not Subscribers to the Lond Encyclopædia, but who may be desirous of possessing this chaste and unie Gallery of Portraits. The Portraits being printed in Quarto, will illustrate a Encyclopædia, or Biographical Dictionary.

'The Publisher is vinced that the Work need only to be inspected to insi it public patropage: it: eapness and execution must be admired by every who sees it.

P.S. MR. HOWARD, the Editor of the above, has just Published a N Edition of HOWARD'S WALKER'S DICTIONARY IMPROVED, Price 4s. 6d. in boar or 5s. neatly bound.--He also regularly continues his BEAUTIES OF LITERATU Monthly, Price 2s. Ed. each, a list of which may be had of all Booksellers in United Kingdom.

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