A Family Encyclopaedia: Or, An Explanation of Words and Things Connected with All the Arts and Sciences ...

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Dunning, 1831 - Počet stran: 412

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Strana 146 - And the tables were the work of God, and the writing was the writing of God, graven upon the tables.
Strana 154 - An exchange is a mutual grant of equal interests, the one in consideration of the other. The word "exchange...
Strana 387 - A body immersed in a fluid, which is specifically lighter than itself, loses so much of its weight as is equal to the weight of a quantity of the fluid of the same bulk with itself.
Strana 181 - A greater magnitude is said to be a multiple of a less, when the greater is measured by the less, that is, 'when the greater contains the less a certain number of times exactly.' III. Ratio is a mutual relation of two magnitudes of the same kind to one another, in respect of quantity.
Strana 174 - A military punishment in which the criminal running between the ranks receives a lash from each man.
Strana 224 - Watts, is obliged to learn and know every thing ; this can neither be sought nor required, for it is utterly impossible : yet all persons are under some obligation to improve their own understanding, otherwise it will be a barren desert, or a forest overgrown with weeds and brambles. Universal ignorance, or infinite error, will overspread the mind which is utterly neglected and lies without any cultivation.
Strana 158 - ... numberless series of pilasters, arches, castles well delineated, regular columns, lofty towers, superb palaces, with balconies and windows, extended alleys of trees, delightful plains with herds and flocks, armies of men on foot and horseback, and many other strange figures in their natural colors and proper actions, passing rapidly in succession along the surface of the sea, during the whole of the short period of time while the above-mentioned causes remain.
Strana 202 - HOOF. The horny part of the foot of a horse or other cattle. HOOK. A bended iron to hang things upon ; also a bent piece of iron or wire attached to a fishing-rod for catching fish.

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