Annual report of the Metropolitan Water and Sewerage Board [Massachusetts]. 1905

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Wright & Potter Printing Company, 1905

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Strana 1 - To the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in General Court assembled.
Strana 270 - ... and the same shall be paid by the city or town into the treasury of the Commonwealth at the time required for the payment and as a part of its state tax. SECTION 13. The supreme judicial court shall have jurisdic- Jurisdiction of tion in equity to enforce the provisions of this act, and shall fix сыто™« ш " ,,,.', . „ . ., relation to this and determine the compensation of all commissioners appointed act.
Strana 236 - Previous to the year 1904 colors were determined by the Nessler standard, but the corresponding values by the platinum standard are also given, for the purpose of comparison with colors determined in the laboratory of the Metropolitan Water and Sewerage Board, as given in subsequent tables. The odor recorded is taken in such a way that it is a much stronger odor than would be noticed in samples drawn directly from a tap or collected directly from a reservoir. The more important samples are collected...
Strana 161 - At this station are four submerged centrifugal pumps with impellers or wheels 8.25 feet in diameter, driven by triple-expansion engines of the Reynolds-Corliss type. Contract capacity of 1 pump: 100,000,000 gallons, with 19-foot lift. Contract capacity of 3 pumps: 45,000,000 gallons each, with 19-foot lift. Average duty for the year: 52,600,000 foot-pounds.
Strana 261 - ... in the name and behalf of the Commonwealth and under its seal, to an amount not exceeding one hundred and fifty-five thousand dollars, for a term not exceeding thirty-two years.
Strana 251 - Supply. 26 per cent, from gravity. 74 per cent, from pumping. Pumping. Chestnut Hill High-service Station : — Builders of pumping machinery, Holly Manufacturing Company, Quintard Iron Works and EP Allis Company. Description of coal used : — Bituminous : Quemahoning, Georges Creek Cumberland, Pocahontas and Cumberland steam ; anthracite : buckwheat and screenings.
Strana 50 - December 31, 1904, 636,084 04 754,690 41 878,557 12 (2) ANNUAL APPROPRIATIONS AND RECEIPTS. The annual appropriations for the maintenance of the Metropolitan Sewerage Works, the receipts of the Board which are added to the appropriations for maintenance, and the expenditures for maintenance for the year ending December 31, 1904, have been as follows : — North Metropolitan System.
Strana 267 - interest and sinking fund requirements of such part of the loan aforesaid as shall be equal to the amount of said expenses which the cities respectively are required by the award to pay, and the interest and sinking fund requirements of the...
Strana 125 - In the third and fourth tables no cases are entered as remedied unless complete sewer connections have been made, or all probability of future contamination has been removed ; and no cases are entered as partly remedied except where positive improvement in the sanitary condition has been effected. Summary of Sanitary Inspections on the Wachusett Watershed in 1906.
Strana 109 - Framingham Reservoir No. 3 At the beginning of the year the water in this reservoir was at elevation...

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