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Publications of CHRISTOPHER SOWER COMPANY, Philadelphia.





" Every child that comes into the world has a right to an education.”
"The dearest interest of a nation is the education of its children."

The art of Teaching, as well as all other arts, is making very rapid progress in this very progressive age. The remarkable growth of Normal Schools, organized to instruct in the best methods of teaching, and employing as professors the most able and advanced educators in the country, has given an immense impetus to the advancement of this most ho able and useful of professions, and almost revolutionized the whole art of teaching. These great changes create a necessity for text-books adapted to them, and the publishers of the above series have taken great pains to meet this necessity. By the aid of their improved text-books, the work of the school-room, instead of being a drudgery, becomes pleasant to teachers and pupils, and they as well as parents are delighted with the rapid progress made.

Beitzel's Primary Word-Builder.

Beitzel's Advanced Word-Builder. Two consecutive, logical, systematic, well-graded spelling-books.

Welsh's First Lessons in English.
Welsh's Practical English Grammar.


PRINCIPAL OF BLOOMSBURG, PA., STATE NORMAL SCHOOL. These books strike the happy mean between “ Language Lessons " and Technical Gram

mar. They treat the English Language as a living, growing vehicle of expression, and are in line with the most modern methods of teaching English.

Fewsmith's Elementary Grammar.
Fewsmith's Grammar of Eng. Language.

Based on the well-known Murray's System. Easy to understand, the lessons before dreaded

become a delight to teacher and pupils. Care has been taken in grading every lesson, modeling rules and definitions, and making every sentence an example of grammatical accuracy.


Publications of CHRISTOPHER SOWER COMPANY, Philadelphia.

Westlake's How to Write Letters.* This remarkable work of Professor Westlake is a masterly manual of correspondence, exhibit

Ing the whole subject in a practical form for the school-room or private use, and show. Ing the correct Structure, Composition, Punctuation, Formalities and Uses of the various kinds of Letters, Notes and Cards. The articles on Notes and Cards, Titles and Forms of Address and Salutation, are invaluable to every lady and gentleman.

Westlake's Common School Literature.

A scholarly epitome of English and American Literature, containing a vast fund of loforma.

tion. More culture can be derived from it than from many much larger works.

Lloyd's Literature for Little Folks. The gems of child-literature, arranged to furnish easy lessons in Words, Sentences, Language,

Literature and Composition, united with Object-Lessons. For children in Second Reader, Handsomely illustrated. The book is the delight of all children.

Pelton's Outline Maps*. Large Size. These are about 6 by 7 ft. and mounted on ordinary rollers. Price per set of six Maps, $25.

Pelton's Outline Maps*. Reduced Size. These are about 4% feet square. Price, on ordinary rollers, $12 per set of six Maps. On

spring rollers with handsome canopy case, $18 per set. 1. Physical and Political Map of the Western Hemisphere. 2. Physical and Political Map of the Eastern Hemisphere. 3. Map of the United States, British Provinces, Mexico,

Central America and the West India Islands. 4. Map of Europe. 5. Map of Asia. 6. Map of South America and Africa.

Pelton's Key to full series of Outline Maps. This beautiful series of Maps is the only set on a large scale exhibiting the main features of

Physical in connection with those of Political and Local Geography. Notwithstanding the many outline maps published since Pelton's series originated this method of teaching Geography, the popularity of these elegant maps is undiminished.

e Sample copies sent to Teachers and School Officers for examination upon receipt of introduction prices, except those marked (*). Introduction Supplies furnished upon most liberal terms. Catalogues and Circulars sent free upon application. Correspondence and School Reports solicited. Address




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