Academic Freedom and the Inclusive University

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Dennis J. Pavlich, Sharon E. Kahn
UBC Press, 2000 - Počet stran: 173
Battles over human rights, curriculum issues and hiring and promotion practices reveal to what extent efforts to integrate ideas of academic freedom and the inclusive university have engendered strife and debate on Canadian campuses. For some, the concept of academic freedom has become its own myth - an icon to be revered, an article of faith, an essentialist doctrine with roots firmly planted in tradition. For others, the concept of an inclusive university - a university reflecting the burgeoning diversity of cultures and ideologies in Canadian society - demands realization through the transformation of university structures and practices. The four parts of Academic Freedom and the Inclusive University explore this conflict.

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Rights as Immunities and Privileges
The Role of Universities in a Changing Culture
The Exclusive University and Academic Freedom
Academic Freedom and Its Distractions
Academic Freedom versus the Intrusive University
The New Sectarianism and the Liberal University
Are Course Evaluations a Threat to Academic Freedom?
Practising What We Preach
Regulation or Dialogue
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O autorovi (2000)

Sharon E. Kahn is Associate Vice-President, Equity, at the University of British Columbia. Dennis Pavlich is University Counsel at the University of British Columbia.

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