Reports of Cases in Law and Equity, Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of the State of Georgia, in the Year ..., Svazek 62

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Edward O. Jenkins, 1880

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Strana 398 - ... shall be a competent witness, and be compelled to give evidence, and nothing then said by such witness shall at any time be received or given in evidence against him in any prosecution against the said witness, except on an indictment for perjury in any matter to which he may have testified...
Strana 381 - State for the protection of policy holders, or otherwise, or any payment for taxes, fines, penalties, certificates of authority, license fees, or otherwise, greater than the amount required for such purposes from similar companies of other States by the then existing laws of this State, then, and in every...
Strana 278 - A motion for a new trial was made by the defendant on grounds that the verdict of the jury was contrary to the evidence and that the same was also excessive.
Strana 146 - We may lay it down as an incontrovertible rule that, where an estate is given to a person generally or indefinitely with a power of disposition, it carries a fee, and the only exception to the rule is where the testator gives to the first taker an estate for life only by certain and express words, and annexes to it a power of disposal. In that particular and special case the devisee for life will not take an estate in fee...
Strana 40 - No judge or justice of any court, no ordinary, justice of the peace, nor presiding officer of any inferior judicature or commission, can sit in any cause or proceeding in which he is pecuniarily interested, or related to either party within the fourth degree of consanguinity or affinity...
Strana 348 - Justices of the Peace, shall have jurisdiction in all civil cases, arising ex contractu, and in cases of injury or damage to personal property, when the principal sum does not exceed one hundred dollars, and shall sit monthly at fixed times and places; but in all cases there may be an appeal to a jury in said Court, or an appeal to the Superior Court, under such regulations as may be prescribed by law.
Strana 341 - This was an action brought by the plaintiff against the defendant...
Strana 384 - State, and to pay the superintendent of said department for taxes, fines, penalties, certificates of authority, license fees and otherwise, an amount equal to the amount of such charges and payments imposed by the laws of such State upon the companies of this State and the agents thereof.
Strana 136 - We shall probably be safe in laying it down that the law will permit a compromise of all offences, though made the subject of a criminal prosecution, for which offences the injured party might sue and recover damages in an action. It is often the only manner in which he can obtain redress. But, if the offence is of a public nature, no agreement can be valid that is founded on the consideration of stifling a prosecution for it.
Strana 307 - This case came before the Court upon a certificate of a division in opinion of the Judges of the Circuit Court for the District of Vermont.

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