The Massachusetts State Record and Year Book of General Information: 1847[-1851], Svazek 5

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Nahum Capen
J. French, 1851

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Strana 45 - On the latter occasion, he proposed the following question for discussion, " whether it be lawful to resist the supreme magistrate, if the commonwealth cannot otherwise be preserved?
Strana 9 - THERE will be two Eclipses of the Sun, and two of the Moon, this year, the latter visible.
Strana 50 - and 1780, he was a member of the convention which " framed the constitution of the state. In February, 1782, " he resigned his judgeship, and returned to the bar.
Strana 164 - None will be admitted after the day of examination. 7. Each pupil, at entrance, must be supplied with slate and pencil, blank book, Bible, Worcester's Comprehensive Dictionary, and Morse's Geography. Many of the other books used will be furnished from the library of the school. STUDIES. — The course of study in each of the State Normal Schools begins with a review of the studies pursued in the Common Schools, viz: — Reading, writing, orthography, English grammar, mental and written arithmetic,...
Strana 146 - The design of this Institution is to afford a complete course of legal education for gentlemen intended for the Bar, in any of the United States...
Strana 52 - States' attorney for the district of Massachusetts, and, in 1796, one of the commissioners, under the fourth article of Jay's treaty, to settle our claims for spoliations. He remained abroad in the public service for about eight years, and, on his return, was welcomed home with the strongest marks of public favor.
Strana 150 - ENGINEERING. Professor EUSTIS will receive special students to the course of instruction in Engineering, who will give their attendance at the School from 9 o'clock, AM to 5 o'clock, PM The course will include instruction in — Surveying, with the use of the instruments, and actual operations in the field.
Strana 29 - Shadows of European History ; 9, Lights and Shadows of Asiatic History ; 10, Lights and Shadows of African History ; 11, History of the American Indians ; 12, Manners, Customs, and Antiquities of...
Strana 236 - ... to collect such facts and observations as tend to the improvement and security of navigation ; " third, " to form a museum of natural and artificial curiosities, particularly such as are to be found beyond the Cape of Good Hope or Cape Horn.
Strana 92 - December : on the 1st Tuesday of September, and on the 2d Tuesday of October. At Concord, on the 2d Tuesdays of February, April, August and November. At Charlestown, on the 3d Tuesdays of February and August. At Framingham, on the last Tuesdays of June and October. At Groton, on the 1st Tuesdays of May and November. At Lowell, on the 1st Tuesdays of March, June, and December, and 3d Tuesday of September.

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