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"The speech may sound somewhat unfavor-
able from the railroad point of view, but Wall
Street believes that Secretary Taft's public bark
does not necessarily portend a serious bite later
on."-From the Stock Market Report printed
in the New York Journal of Commerce (rep.)
Issue of July 28, 1908, page 3.

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The Republican Party's Own Answer

In his address to the republican national convention, Temporary Chairman
Burrows referred to the republican victory in 1904, and then asked: “In view of
this indorsement, it becomes pertinent and opportune to inquire, what has the repub-
lican party done in the last four years of government control to forefeit public confi-
dence or create distrust in its capacity for future administration?"

For this question the Rochester (New York) Union and Advertiser finds a
striking answer. This is the answer which the Union and Advertiser takes out of
the mouth of Senator Burrow's own party as stated in the Republican Platform of
1896: "In the broad effect of its policy it has precipitated panic, blighted industry
and trade with prolonged depression, closed factories, reduced work and wages, halted
enterprise and crippled American production. Every consideration of public safety
and individual interest demands that the government shall be rescued from the hands
of those who have shown themselves incapable of conducting it without disaster.”


"And They Built Such a High Wall Around It Too."

-De Mar in Philadelphia Record.

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