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A. W. Jerrard, Portsmouth.
G. E. Kent, Portsmouth.
W. D. King, Portsmouth.
Montagu G. Knight, Chawton House,

F. Lambert, Garratt's Hall, Banstead.
G. E. Lance, Southsea.
A. W. Leachman, M.D., Petersfield.
Major-General Lewis, Shirley.
E. H. Liddell, Kitnocks, Botley.
R. G. Linzee, Jermyns, Romsey.
G. Long, Portsmouth.
Colonel Longmore, Gosport.
J. J. Maberley, Hawkley Hurst, E.

Liss, P. L. Marten, Dorking. H. J. C. Martin, Gosport. J. Martineau, Heckfield. R. Marvin, Southsea. Col. Meade, Forton. Admiral Sir W. Mends, G.C.B., Gos

port. Sir H. Mildmay, Bart., Dogmersfield

Park. J. C. Moberley, Woodlands, Basset. Capt. A. Money, Little Stodham, E.

Liss. F. Morshead, Winchester. W. H. Myers, Swanmore House. Admiral Sir E. Ommanney, K.C.B.,

Yarmouth, I.W. Lieut.-Col. Owen, Southsea. J. E. Paddon, Wallington Hall, Fare.


T. Pain, Audley's Wood.
J. Pares, Southsea.
W. W. Portal, Malshanger, Basingstoke.
W. S. Portal, Southington.
A. Powell, Milton Heath, Dorking.
G. H. Pinckhard, Combe Court,

Admiral Rodd, Guildford.
R. A. Routh, The Firs, Amport.
Sir N. Rycroft, Bart., Kempshott Park,

Basingstoke. W. Barrow Simonds, Abbot's Barton,

Winchester. J. Simmons, Cherriman's, Haslemere. E. K. Stace, Southsea. J. F. Stilwell, Hilfield, Yateley. J. Stratton, Chilcombe. Capt. Swainson, R.N., Southsea. Col. Thursby, Christchurch. C. G. Tindal, Eversley. A. H. Turner, Jersey. Lieut.-Col. Twiss, Southsea. Col. Twynam, C.B., Portsmouth. Dr. Wallace, Southsea. Lieut.-Col. Walker, Ashe. Ch. Walpole, C.B., Chobham. J. G. Whitcombe, Portsmouth. W. Wickham, Binstead Wyck, Alton. J. G. Wood, Thedden Grange, Alton. Major Wymer, Rolle Manor, Romsey. W. Wynyard, Hursley. Major-Gen. Younghusband, C.S.I.,



LAY. F. Baldey.

R. W. Ashby. J. S. Blake.

W. L. Bamber. W. Durst.

L. Bonham-Carter. E. P. Grant.

R. Marvin. E. Jacob.

E. K. Stace.

J. W. Younghusband. HON. TREASURERG. LONG, Grand Parade, Portsmouth.


The Lord Bishop of the Diocese, Chairman, Dean of Winchester and Archdeacon of Winchester, Vice-Chairmen.

Archdeacon of Isle of Wight.
Archdeacon of Lewes.
Archdeacon of Surrey.
E. R. Bernard.
Canon Blackley.
S. Bridge.
Canon Hon. A. Brodrick,
Canon Butler, D.D.


W. W. Capes.
C. Collier.
Canon Coulson.
F. P. Dusautoy.
Canon Eliot.
W. A. Fearon, D.D.
Canon Haigh.
E. Huntingford, D.C.L.

Canon H. Scott Holland.
Canon Lee.
Canon Le Mesurier.
A. N. Obbard.
Canon Portal.

W. S. Sanders,
Canon Sapte.
Canon Warburton.
Canon Wilberforce.
Canon R. F. Wilson,

LAITY. Sir A. Arbuthnot, K.C.S.I.

Major-General Lewis. W. W. B. Beach, M.P.

J. Martineau. Earl Carnarvon.

F. Morshead. J. Carpenter Garnier.

Lord Mount Temple. C. Chute.

J. Pares. Gordon Clark.

Melville Portal. Major-General H. Coxe.

Wyndham Portal. R. Driver.

Rt. Hon. G. Sclater-Booth, M.P. R. W. Ford.

Lord H. Scott. R. C. Hankinson.

Lt.-Col. Walker. A. W. Jerrard.

C. Walpole, C.B.
R. Jones Bateman.

J. C. Wood.
M. G. Knight.
W. Durst, E. Jacob, and J. W. Younghusband, C.S.I., Hon. Secretaries.


The Vicar of Portsmouth, Chairman.

G. Long, Esq., Vice-Chairman.

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J. Baker.

G. E. Lance.
Admiral Chads.

E, H. Liddell.
W. Edmonds.

H. J. C. Martin.
Capt. Field, R.N.

J. C. Moberly.
Admiral Herbert.

W. H. Myers.
W. Hobbs.
E. P. Grant, J. Bonham-Carter, E. K. Stace, Hon. Secrelaries.

G. Rake, Hon. Architect.


The Mayor of Portsmouth, Chairman.
W. D. King, Esq., Vice-Chairman.

J. G. Barton.

W. E. Medlicott. T. G. Browne.

T. D. Platt. E. Amyatt Burney.

Canon Renaud. W. L. Childs.

H. W. Sheppard. E. B. C. Churchill.

R. N. Shutte. W. M. Cosser.

C. R. Tompkins. C. P. Hutchinson.

O. S. Walford. R. A. Kennaway.

R. Wilde. S. Lidbitter.

E. A. Williams.

LAITY Dr. Axford.

Col. Meade. Dr. Barrow, Mayor of Ryde.

Admiral Sir W. Mends, G.C.B. Major St. Clair.

C. Mumby. Capt. Colomb, R.N.

B. Norman. T. H. Cruse.

Col. Owen. Major Greetham.

J. E. Padden. J. Griffin.

A. F. Perkins. W. W. Horner.

H. Rundle. G. E. Kent.

Col. Twynam. Col. Longmore.

Dr. Watson. F. Baldey, J. S. Blake, R. W. Ashby, W. L. Bamber, R. Marvin, Hon. Secretaries,

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1,769 3 6

127 7 1
105 O 0
41 5 2
30 3 5

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To 2,141 Members' Tickets at 776
» 1,493 Day Tickets at 2/6
, 417 Platform Tickets for Working Men's Meeting
» 85 ditto for Soldiers' and Sailors' Meeting
» 114 ditto for Women's Meeting

Sale of Programmes
Miscellaneous Receipts
C.E.T.S. for use of Congress Hall..
Guarantors to provide

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"Watchman, what of the night? Watchman, what of the night? The Watchman said, The morning cometh, and also the night.”Isaiah xxi., 11, 12. THERE are epochs in the history of men, of families, of nations, of Churches, when one subject of thought demands precedence of all others. A man comes to some turning point of his life, when he has to make a choice upon which his subsequent career will depend, or he sees before him the prospect of some great calamity, and his mind is engrossed and excludes all subjects save that one which is so terribly pressing. Or a family is moved by some event of great joy or overwhelming grief, and each member of the family feels that it would be an impropriety to speak of anything else within the sacred circumference of the family circle. Or a nation is passing through some great crisis of national joy or national woe, and the organs of national utterance are unanimous in choosing one and one subject only for discussion and for the expression of opinion. And so, lastly, a Church may be passing through a great crisis like a nation, or may be moved by some event of joy or grief like a family, or may find itself face to face with something which is likely to prove a turning point in its history, like any individual amongst ourselves, and that Church may feel that in such circumstances one subject claims precedence of all others, and insists upon making itself prominent in any expression of the Church's thoughts.

Am I wrong, Christian brethren, in saying that at this period of the history of the Church of England, there is one subject

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